The devil made me do it

So, we watched the Joost interview on Kwela tonight.  I could barely hear what the man was saying with all hubby’s chirping, but from what I gather he did play the religion card.  But shame, he did apologise.  Profusely.  Whatever, as long as he sorts things out with Amor.

Mignon came wandering into the kitchen this morning with her poo nappy half off saying “poo-poo”.  Does this means she is ready for potty training?  At almost 20 months, is this possible?

The nanny (bless her) put her and Isabel on their potties before their afternoon nap (bought last week by Granny, with a wink-wink-hint-hint-nudge-nudge) and she actually made a pee in her potty.  Hectic stuff.

On the one hand it will save us about R1 000 per month if they are no longer in nappies, but they are my BABIES.  How dare they grow up so fast?  Soon they’ll want make up and stuff!

Daniel was in testing-testing mode tonight. 

Please pick up your school bag – NO

Please eat your food – NO

Please don’t hit/kick/shove your sisters – NO

Please get in the bath – NO

Please get out of the bath – NO

Please brush your teeth – NO

But you can’t get angry as he says it with a little secret smile, which means he is only joking with you.  Which means that you have to just bite your tongue and be patient, he eventually does it in his own time..  

17 thoughts on “The devil made me do it”

  1. Joost….silly man
    Little ones do seem ready for potty training,with summer here good time to get it sorted before winter next year.
    Also had a difficult arvie with my little one today…also loads of NO’S

  2. Ahhh, I always thought it was the summer after they turn 2, but hey, nanny does most of the work 🙂
    Sorry to hear you had a rough avie, look forward to meeting you all on Sat!

  3. Our kiddies do seem to be growing up fast. LOL – about them wanting make-up, at least I shouldn’t have that problem (I hope) 😛

  4. LOL, they already line up in the mornings, so they each get a little face powder. So cute, but I think I’m going to have to hide the lipstick soon!

  5. Kiddie time… I wonder when they grow out of it.
    Summer is great for potty training – have fun

  6. Aah Joost, I am more grateful every day that I am not famous. Hope het gets it together now.

    wow on the potty training! Your nanny sound like she was sent from heaven!

  7. Sounds like the girls are ready, they are somehow easier to take to this than boys I believe and the fact that there are two of them, they should encourage each other! Heres hoping!
    Love that little man and his “cheeky” no’s. xx

  8. Minki brings me a clean nappy, says “kakka” (so ashamed, but the Bear taught her this word) and only then starts pushing for her poo=poo. I think our girls are ready.

  9. Def ready. Thomas is also starting now. Does his poo and then goes poo-poo with face all scrunched up and nose in the air. And when he thinks he needs to wee he tries to whip off his nappy and go potty but the wee is already in the nappy. Stands over loo and ‘pushes’ out a wee. Too funny. I think our kids are def ready.

  10. At least with boys you can whip their broeks down anywhere! Are you coming on Sat, then we can compare notes 🙂

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