The dummy post

This is an overdue story, but worth telling now that we are through the worst.

We (read: I) decided that when we come back from Arniston we will bid the dummies farewell.  The girls only used dummies at bedtime, so in principle it should not have been that hard, right? Riiiight.

The trouble started in the car on the way home when the dummies got lost and I took it as my cue.  (to be honest, I was going to chicken out up to that point) There was some extended whining, but eventually everyone settled down to a mild panic.  When we got home we had a conversation about lost dummies and big girls and I hoped for the best.

Bedtime was well, let’s just say, a 2 glass (of wine) affair.

We did the usual bedtime routine right up to the actual sleep bit.  Then started the crying wailing for dummies that continued for well over an hour.  Much shushing and hugging ensued, but I eventually went in and out of sheer frustration offered gifts if they would just shut the fuck up. Ok, I didn’t say shut or fuck, but I thought it, really hard. Isabel bought into my plea-bargain of gifts and promptly passed out.  Her charming sister however continued her loud protestations for another hour and eventually just passed out cold.

Apparently they were awake a lot during that night, but I was so tired from 2 nights in a bed with Daniel I slept through all of it!

Fast forward to the next day and I bought them each a book. Isabel was very excited about her book, but when I asked Mignon whether she was happy with her gift now that she is a big girl with no dummy all I got was a grunted negative.

The second night went pretty much in the same vein, just subtract husband and add wine-plying friend that sang Barney songs and they eventually went to sleep.

Last night was almost perfect, they asked once and that was that.  So, stick with the 3 day rule, it’s the bomb.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

29 thoughts on “The dummy post”

  1. Very well handled and ten points for not giving in and handing dummies back. Guess it was the clutching very hard onto your yummy wine that helped??hehe.

  2. He he.. sorry but had to chukle at your comment.
    My friend does a trade exchange.. a sticker or the dummy, so far daughter has picked a sticker every time.

  3. I have this stupid thing about not rewarding just for anything, but sometimes you just cave in!

  4. Oh well done!!! I know that this can be hard to stick to especially when it is only at night time. xx

  5. He he.. sorry but had to chukle at your comment.
    My friend does a trade exchange.. a sticker or the dummy, so far daughter has picked a sticker every time.

  6. Never had the dummy thing, but bottles. Ended in Struisbaai years ago. Went to the pier and gave the bottles to the Seagulls. Tian and Anika tossed the bottles, and while mommy distracted father frantically retrieved the bottles, just in case. Ended there, no more bottles. We do check for the baby gulls with bottles everytime we get there though….

  7. Well done! We almost got Lee-Anne off the dummy, but Husband got soft and bought her two new dummies the second night! But this is the last time – I made him promise!

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