The eating challenge ctnd

I had a friend and her boys over for tea this morning and of course there were snacks, so come lunchtime Mr Daniel wanted nothing to do with his lunch (spaghetti), I even tried to entice him to sprinkle his own cheese over which he normally loves doing.

He didn’t even sniff his food and then proceeded to ask for a yogurt.  Well, I was finished.  We then said to him that if he doesn’t eat at least 3 bites of his food, he won’t get a yogurt and he won’t get an afternoon snack (normally dried fruit or something similar).

He clearly did not take us seriously and was VERY upset with us when we produced his untouched lunch instead of a snack when he asked for it.

We decided to bite the bullet and had a ROUGH few hours, but when suppertime came we made him some fish fingers and rice and salad and he polished his plate with a smile.  He was awarded with the much treasured yogurt.

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  1. So cute how little ones think yoghurt or dried fruit is a treat. They soon kick that one to the curb…

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