The food diary

Recently I did a post about our determination to get the girls to eat at the table with us and Daniel.  So, every night we dish up food for them.  Mignon will nibble at a piece of cucumber and Isabel will eat pretty much everything that is potato or meat related.  But, we forge ahead and keep trying and just feed them something else afterwards that we know they’ll eat.

Breakfast time they eat well and we went through almost a whole box of Oatees this week.

We usually give them rye bread, because they can’t have something Daniel’s not allowed (wheat).  Hubby was at home with them today (nanny still awol, don’t even ask) and I was working from home, so come lunchtime they didn’t eat their food and the rye was finished.  So we gave them some white bread with peanut butter.

WELL.  They went mad.  They ate until they dropped, it was hysterical.

Suppertime tonight was a whole different form of torture.

Mignon is a drama queen of note at the best of times, complete with accompanying hysterical screaming. 

So, suppertime tonight they were offered chicken sticks, some of our grilled fish, coleslaw and wedges.  Madam nibbled at the slaw and then there was a plate shoving contest between her and Daniel which almost resulted on the plate on the floor before we intervened.  Then the screaming started.  Hysterical, ear piercing, heart wrenching crying. With actual tears.  With the occasional break in-between to glance under her arms at Daddy to see if he’s watching.

Yes, we ignored her.  Soon she’ll end up on a naughty chair, but not quite yet.  Shame, poor Daniel was terribly upset.

You may wonder why she was so hysterical?  Yep, she wanted bread.  Thing is, she was given supper and we were all eating, so she had to politely wind her little neck in and wait.  But I think she got the message.  At least, I hope so.

Here are some pics of them eating their bread:



I promise to post pics of Daniel soon, he is being neglected!

18 thoughts on “The food diary”

  1. Shame! They look so angelic here it’s hard to believe they can tantrum with the best of them!

  2. Had to laugh at the part where they go mad about the white bread and peanut butter. I don’t buy white bread unless there is absolutely no other option. And when I do sometimes have the white bread in the house it’s like my kids go bos!

  3. LOL kids and food is a continuous battle,either getting them to eat,or getting them to slow down on their consumption

  4. Can’t blame them, I keep a soft fresh white loave stashed in the laundry room just for me alone to devour with peanut and jam, or cheesespread, or tomato with lemon juice and pepper, or honey……oh, let me just stop.

    Usually we (Minki included) have only whole wheat.

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