The guilt propeller

It’s funny how a seemingly small thing can propel you into a state of guilt for an entire day. And please don’t offer me any big-girl-panties-psychobabble after reading this, I’m feeling vulnerable enough as it is.

Quite serendipitously I am going out tonight to see Michael Buble. When the tickets went on sale it was just not Etienne’s thing and life got in the way of making alternative plans with friends, so I didn’t pursue it. I’m so very happy to be going with a bunch of cool gals, but anxious about all the things OCD people like myself get anxious about such as parking, driving at night by myself (see psychobabble comment above), not seeing the kids tonight, hoping Daniel does well in his Xhosa test today and so on and so forth.

This morning the kids were up and about earlier than usual, so they were almost ready by the time I was ready and rushing to leave the house, already running a few minutes late. Mignon asked me to do her hair, so I said, sorry darling, Mommy has to go to work now, but Daddy or Norma will help you in just a minute. I also knew that, if I did her hair I would end up doing Isabel’s hair and then another 15 minutes would have gone by and I would be really, really late.

So I said, not today my darling. And, in the mirror, I could see something on my child’s face that was akin to disappointment. I didn’t click right that very second as my mind was already wandering to all the urgent things waiting at the office, but when it hit me I almost turned the car right around to go straight back and apologise and do the best hair ever. For her and her sister, work be damned.

Instead, I have spent a large part of my emotional energy today berating myself and wishing that I made a different choice this morning. Wishing I could take that crushed and disappointed look off my child’s face. An exercise in complete futililty, but still.

Then this popped up in my timeline this morning:

I think our kids need a Yes-day, almost like a Love-Bombing day, but probably something that would be more practical for us as a family. It feels like we live in a world of NO, a world of pushing them to do everything they *need* to do and don’t indulge them often enough or make them feel as important as they should know they are.

For now though, I’ll re-learn the lesson about being in the moment and continuously re-evaluating priorities and moving on. Thinking on my feet at 06h45am is clearly just not my strongest point.

4 thoughts on “The guilt propeller”

  1. Yes, I as a fellow OCDer (and mother) can concur…..we often worry so much that we worry about why we worry…..a vicious cycle I tell you! Your kids love you to the ends of the earth and back. They know that they are your sunrise and sunset, the reason you wake up in the morning and work so hard. Learn to give yourself a break and also just enjoy being “Tania Roux” the individual….oops….I did the whole “psycho-babble thing”….darnit!!!! Love you to the moon and back xxxxx

  2. I don’t know who this Michael Bubble person is, but have seen many people post about his show/concert. Enjoy your ladies night out and here’s a big hug!

  3. Ah I have this battle constantly. Sometimes with Jack it is actually just easier to stop, say yes and do what he asks.

    It is not an easy one to manage though.

  4. Rest assured we all get them – and then I stress because the kids all feel I give more attention to one of the others or whatever. I do hope you had a great night out. Love MB

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