The joy of children play places

Some afternoons I drag the kids off to Kiddy play centres in the vain hope of getting some work done.  It normally goes like this:

One or more of them will always ALWAYS

Run off in the parking lot.

Spill their cooldrink.

Twirl madly and send their chips flying.

Climb into the highest point of the indoor jungle gym and shriek that I come get them out.

Beg me to jump on the trampoline.

Break something.  Like the roof of the play house.

Fart loudly and claim it.  Loudly.

Make the biggest poo EVER.

Pee in their pants.

Cry for sweets just as we leave.

Demand to hold the parking ticket.

and then refuse to give the parking ticket so I can get out of the parking lot whilst 374 cars line up behind us


ps. The girls decided that sleep is for sissies and were awake until 9h30pm.  They eventually stopped running up and down the passage giggling like mental asylum residents.  Here is a pic of them, awake.

Mignon asleep:


Double sigh.

24 thoughts on “The joy of children play places”

  1. LOL at the play places! Mine do similar things and K’s favourite trick is to insist on playing with my keys and then leaving them in the bottom of the ball pond. Love the sleeping beauties – Isabel looks uitgeput after all their late night antics.

  2. Heh heh, love pics of sleeping kids! Especially when it’s your own 🙂 Just reminds you that they do eventually run out of steam (thank God).

    We don’t do play centres very often, I just don’t have the balls to take my 2 there. Much easier to do damage control in the back garden. Having said that, we’re going to one of these places on Sunday (weather permitting). Stress level is rising already!

  3. FArt, Poo, Pee, Cry BUAHAHAHA…do they every GROW UP? :P…luv da sleeping pics – Angelic! Wot were u saying bt asylum residents?!?!?

  4. The beauty of our back yard is the Labrador picks everything up! She usually eats everything, but hey! Mess gone!

  5. Too funny !!! Bet nothing beats that special moment when you realise all of them are sleeping……finally!

  6. Sounds way too familiar. I have now taken the boy’s nap away in the day and sleeping seem to be going better.

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