The Judgement post

We have these friends we love to bits.  BUT (yes, you bet there’s a BUT) they are very disorganised.  They are always late,they forget parties, appointments with the school etc etc etc.  Or maybe I’m just seriously anal.  They probably think I am.

But tonight they just PISSED ME OFF.  They have 2 kids, one the same age as Daniel the other the same age as the girls and the little one is in hospital at the moment.  I only heard about it last night and then suggested hubby comes over to collect some left over paella as I had made far too much and I had an inkling that supper was not very high on the priority list.  Dad then popped over to collect the food and I invited them over for supper tonight.  I confirmed during the day whether they were coming, yes, yes they were coming.  We bought extra meat and cooked extra dishes we wouldn’t normally do on a Thursday night.

I then called just after 5 to see how the little one was and they were having a glass of wine and little one was left with the nurses in hospital as Mom needed a break, but they confirmed that  Dad would still be here for supper with older brother.  In our house dinner is at 6h30, so we can get everyone off to bed at a reasonable hour and they are aware of this. Ok, so I’m a little anal. 

I am used to them being late, so just after 6h30 I glance at my cell and see there is a message sent at 18H11.  It said something to the effect of “sorry, they got kidnapped at lunchtime (LUNCHTIME??!!), not going to make it tonight, but would get dinner tomorrow night.  How about Chinese.”

OMF.  I didn’t even respond.  Dude, we had a very upset 3 yr old that was expecting his friend, besides all the extra food and effort and then you don’t pitch because you are pissing it up somewhere whilst you little one is in hospital??

We don’t even eat Chinese.  Am I overreacting or are they being rude?  How do I deal with this?

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  1. Be mad. Break something. (be selective, though) This is the ideal opportunity to confirm to yourself that you hate their behavior. I suppose you still love them. That’s who they are. They are your friends. As much as you would like to you can’t break any of their stuff. Then they’ll know you are upset. You don’t want that? Do you? Coz, you’re cool. Always has been. And always will be.

  2. I’d tell them that they could have let you know when you called them around 5. That would have been fair to you. What they did was unfair and I’d be mighty peeved too.

  3. thats plain rude and unacceptable…
    i cut all ties with a friend, because she was always( apart from her other annoying traits) late and had the most stupidest excuses…the friendship to me was not that important, if she couldnt freakin come on time…apart from that it upset me every time she did it,and thats not how it should be…

  4. I agree, if you feel the friendship is worth saving, speak your mind if not then cut the cord or it’s bound to be repeated. Maybe you could, for your son, invite only his little friend over for a playdate without mommy.

  5. I think that they are downright disrespectful to you and your family and that you should tell them that you are offended by their behaviour.
    And no, I don’t think that you are overreacting or being rude. You have been nothing but gracious towards them.

  6. How bloody rude!!!! I hate people who have a total disregard for the generosity of others.
    By the way you are not anal, just organised as a Mommy with three little ones should be if they don’t want chaos in their lives.
    Cut the ties. xx

  7. Wow, this is just RUDE!
    I would have definately sms’d something back, to show my dismall at them.
    I hate it when friends/family are late.
    Husband’s family tend to be late – and they don’t think anything of it, I now invite them at least an half an hour earlier than I want them there and then they show up “on time” !

  8. I am also anal about dinner time we eat at 18h00 sharp!
    They were rude and inconsiderate and most of all you were doing them a favour….yugghhhhhh…some people,just don’t get it.

  9. Very rude! I hate it when people is late or leave just after they put their knife and fork down (PIL does both). I am very anal about manners and punctuality.

    I would’ve smsed back to say you have plans for tonight…

  10. My first instinct was to lash back at them, but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m just ignoring them for now

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