The night of the whining children

I’m forever rambling on about how fabulous my children are, but I could have happily hung them all out the window by their toes tonight. 

I had flashbacks of colic nights with the girls when they used to scream (and I mean SCREAM) solidly between 17h00 and 20h00 every single night for 3 months.  I remembered how powerless I felt then tonight.  At least tonight I could drink a glass of wine.

It started at 16h30 today and by 19h00 I was finished.  The only way I coped was to go to that special little place in my head where I write blog posts so I could block out the worst of it.  Either that or go and sit downstairs in the garage, in my car, with the windows closed and the music at top volume.  Which would entail leaving hubby by himself.  No deal.

After making it through supper (food too hot, food too cold, cry, cry, cry, whine, whine, pick me up, nooooo, put me down) they criedscreamed in the bath.  Shit, I wonder what the neighbours thought? Then, as I tried to pry Isabel’s mouth open to brush her teeth (I know, I’m an idiot!) I decided to feel around a little and low and behold, there was half a molar coming out.  And knowing their teething schedule thus far Mignon is hot on her heels.  Poor babies.  And they were sooo tired from school, we haven’t heard a peep from them again.

And then Daniel wouldn’t let me read to him, so there went the very last of my patience, at least I managed to not fall down on the floor and throw my own little tantrum.  I held it together like a big girl.

I’m on my second glass of vino.  Love the stuff.

Quick question:  The jackpot for powerball was 60 million SA ront tonight.  I would like to know, what would you do if you won the jackpot?  How would you spend the money?   (It was another little place I went to in my head tonight 🙂    

10 thoughts on “The night of the whining children”

  1. I hear you, sister! Or rather my neighbours could also hear my children having mega-meltdowns this evening. Quick question: what is powerball and how do you play?

  2. If I won the jackpot I would: pay for Miles’s school trip in full, buy him a laptop, a scooter and a car for next year, get real painters to do the house instead of me, put in a new bathroom, take the family to visit my sister in Scotland, fly my mom down to visit every two months, buy Mr P a new car (oops, I think I spent it all…)

  3. if i won i would first make sure i take care of all the boring but important stuff like pay off the house, put a whole bunch into a trust for the kids, make sure their education is sorted, make sure we are debt-free. Then i would renovate and refurnish the house, get hubby the car of his dreams (Alpha Romeo 159), and use the rest to go on truly fabulous holidays EVERY year … so nothing really out of the ordinary … but its a fabulous dream! 🙂

  4. yay you for wearing your big girl panties.

    R60 bar…. hmmm, okay I’m off into my head to spend it … (some of it wisely…)

  5. Oh, we got the R60mil all worked out. A new car each (yes, the ones in our dreams, involving V8’s, etc), a small piece of land somewhere in the bushes with a lot of wild animals, and a nice beach house on our private beach.

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