The School Concert Post

Daniel’s first REAL school concert was earlier tonight.  And we were hysterical.

First off, I got stuck in traffic, and by the time I got home we had to fling things in the picnic basket and run screaming to make it on time.  I hate doing things in a rush!

When we arrived, we quickly dressed Daniel and had just enough time to get settled on a picnic blanket with the girls, get them snacking and an overdue glass of bubbly before the concert started.

Initially it went well.  Daniel came traipsing out with the rest of his class mates, but kept looking around for Dad and Mom.  Then he spotted Dad and that was pretty much it.  Off he went to Daddy and we couldn’t get him back to the stage.

We got him to take his friend a strawberry in an attempt to get him back to the stage, and the 2 of them sat munching their strawberries whilst the other kids were singing.  He then wandered around whilst the rest of the concert was going on (his own number included) and on the way back to the stage suddenly realised he had to pee, which he promptly did.  On the side of the stage and his teacher’s dress.  He then quite happily joined the next number and was causing havoc whilst they were performing.  And then spent the rest of the concert on the trampoline.

Here he is in his outfit:  (he had to go dressed as Fynbos, those are binoculars around his neck) 

After the concert he then got into the swing of things and spent the rest of the evening on the stage and even tried the microphone.  And did some lovely little dances or everyone.  Our funny, precious little man 🙂

10 thoughts on “The School Concert Post”

  1. What a picture you’ve painted! We used to bribe the kids with sweets at concert time. They stayed on stage for their song then eagerly rushed back to class for their treat 😉

  2. As long as he had fun, who cares about the actual concert, right?

    I love kiddies concerts, always attended Little Nephew’s, soon Minki will start concerts as well.

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