The story of last night – episode 2

OMG, last night was even worse.  Hubby mentioned this morning that the cat spent more time in our bed over the last 2 nights than we did collectively.

We were up with Isabel from Midnight until 3 am.  I tried everything.  Dummy, a bottle (she hasn’t had a bottle at night in more than a year!), picking up and putting back down, ignoring and finally, lying in bed with her.  Nope, Madam did not want to sleep.

Then Daniel woke up, so that was more running up and down the passage.  Eventually I thought Fuckit and got into bed with him where I finally fell alseep whilst hubby was swaying Isabel like a small baby and silence descended over the house.  I then woke up at 4h30 and dragged myself back to our bed for a cuddle.

The only person in our house that actually slept last night was Mignon and she mercifully slept through everything.

Then, of course, the 2 buggers woke up this morning full of smiles.  Grrrr

I have been wondering, the girls had their MMR injection last week, could this be a side effect???  I’m sorry, but the bottle of Ponstel will be at hand tonight.  Just for incase..

10 thoughts on “The story of last night – episode 2”

  1. I read somewhere that a side effect from MMR injection is slightly painful ear tubes in some people.
    Bring on the Ponstel, maybe they have a bit of an ear ache.

  2. AAARRRGGHHH! Don’t tell me it’s the MMR – Connor’s having his (finally) tomorrow night 🙁 Teething?

  3. I don’t agree with all the hoo-haa about the MMR and normally my kids are ok with their shots, it could just be teeth or something. 🙂

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