The story of last night

There wasn’t a lot of sleeping that went on in this house last night.

Hubby and I have now managed to piece it all together. 

We think it went as follows:
Midnight:  Mignon was crying and I got up a couple of times to put dummy in mouth

Midnight – 2 am: Daniel in our room a couple of times, only to be promptly escorted back to his room by Dad

2 am:  Mignon awake and crying until she got a bottle at 2h30

2h30:  Isabel woke up

3 am:  Mignon fell asleep and Isabel was given a bottle

3h30:  Isabel lost her rag with me refusing to pick her up and sleep with her and was actually yelling at me, a hoarse, pissed off Mamma, mamma, mamma (a lot of rage for a 16 month old me thinks)

4 am Isabel eventually passed out

Edit: around this time we also received an sms from our neighbourhood watch informing us about a break-in in the area.  This also didn’t make me want to go to sleep

4h10: Daniel woke up crying

4h30: Dad goes to lie with Daniel

4h45: I hear something in the courtyard and run down the passage

5h00: Dad gives up and comes to bed.  I then realise it is probably his eczema keeping him awake and put cream on. 

5h10: Daniel eventually settles after Dad puts him back to bed a couple of times

6h15: Dad wakes up

6h45: Dad drags Mom kicking and screaming out of bed.

What did we learn?  That sharing really is caring.  We REALLY shared the load last night 🙂 Now I just need to train hubby to make me coffee in the morning!

10 thoughts on “The story of last night”

  1. Yip, the night from hell. After Connor sleeps through for 2 nights in a row, I gte one of these nights too. Strength for the day ahead!

  2. I can’t begin to imagine to have a little boy AND twin girlies in the house, I battle enough with Minki.
    You are an amazing Mum, and I would love to meet you and your kids.

  3. Oh goodness, I hope the new baby is as good as sleeper as my son. He has never woken in the night since he was a tiny baby (with the exception of when he has been really sick) I think you deserve a huge medal!!!

  4. This puts the sense of humour failure in more perspective! shoo weee, can I send matchsticks rather?

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