The Sussies turn 3

Remind me again why I don’t outsource parties?

Oh yes, my terribly misguided sense of responsibility and wanting to make a fuss of the kids and make their birthdays super memorable.  And trying to convince myself that I’ll save money doing it all myself.  Which is just bollocks, actually.

Friday and Saturday was unmitigated chaos.  Angie, one of the teachers at school that has become part of our family, is a cake fundi so she came to help and make flowers for the cakes.  Yes, cakeS, I refuse to make one cake for two people, it’s a thing.

Most things were home-made for the party, which I was quite proud of (another sentence I never thought I would utter.  What has my life come to?)

I got so wrapped up in getting everything done that I ran out of time,  so when our friends arrived they all jumped in to help, bless them all they know who they are.  But I almost died of embarrassment, my Mother would have had a lot to say, but hey, she’s away on holiday at the moment so it will just be our little secret..

It was a cake decorating party and I wanted to steer away from the traditional party packs as we end up sending children home with more sweets usually so I decided to rather give them something tangible to take away.  Enter aprons which my Mom made and I painted.  I think they went down very well.

I wanted to make a flower cake with a fairy on, but those friggin fairies were like Chucky’s Brides.  We couldn’t get a dress sorted with the plastic icing and they ended up popping up all over the show, even in the cake halfway through the party.  Whatever.  There were 2 beautiful mushrooms and many little flowers.

Blue cake was Mignon and green Isabel.

























Each little party pack had containers with decorations for the cupcakes (baked by Etienne) some sweeties and bubbles.  Every party should have bubbles!

Here is Mignon at the table, check out the lovely Guardian Angel she got from a friend around her neck.

And here’s Isabel eating the top of her cake’s mushroom:

And here is Daniel not posing for a pic with his sisters.  Poor Caz battled for ages to get something of the 3 of them together, to no avail.  He wanted nothing to do with the camera so eventually Etienne went to fetch him and this is all she could get.  Hilarious!

Once again a big thank you for all the sms’es, tweets, phone calls and Facebook messages we received and to everyone who helped us make the day special!

11 thoughts on “The Sussies turn 3”

  1. Belated happy birthday to your gorgeous girls! Congratulations on pulling off what looks like a fabulous party for the sweet sussies. Cake decorating is such a fun activity for little ones. Love those aprons – what a wonderful idea! MUCH better than a traditional party pack. I know I’m always grateful when there isn’t a party pack full of sugar coming home!

    We went to a make-your-own-pizza party a while ago and the children were also given aprons but they had to paint them themselves – granted it was a party for a 6 year old so the paint-your-own was more appropriate.

    1. I think I’ll try it again when the kids are bigger and they can do it themselves. Don’t think I’ll be painting 19 aprons again any time soon..

  2. Happy, happy Birthday to Isabel and Mignon ! I think your cakes are beautiful and bubbles are a must at parties. Hugs. xx

  3. Love the aprons.Well done on the party sounds like it was a great sucess.
    Love the cake designs,simple,but very girly

  4. It was worth it! Look how beautiful the aprons and cakes turned out!
    I’m also always underestimate the time it takes to do things. You are not alone my friend!

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