The things we don’t blog about

Maybe I’m just in a really pissy mood today due to a combination of things, but it strikes me extra hard today that they are mostly things I cannot blog about.  And that pisses me off even more.

I started blogging because I wanted to keep a record for our kids of how they grew and developed and to remember and celebrate the awesomeness that they are.  And often I do.  BUT I’m irritated because I think that I am leaving behind such a sanitised version of our life.  I don’t do passive aggressive or cryptic very well, so often I just leave stuff out lest I sound too whiny and miserable.  (which means that I end up not blogging for days on end because I just can’t summon the energy to do upbeat or quirky and funny)

Not that I am miserable or that my life is unhappy, very far from it.  I appreciate that we all have issues and that you cannot wait on happiness or fulfillment, you create that for yourself.  Or so my therapist tells me.  (something I probably shouldn’t blog about either)

So I can’t blog about the person that has owed me money for more than a year and how it threatens my family and how bloody angry I am about it.  Enough already.

I can’t blog about the horrific things that come out of a family member’s mouth and how I fervently wish not to be like that person and then catch myself doing exactly the same.  I really really really hate that.  There are lots of unresolved issues there.  Can you tell? (have I mentioned the Therapist-we-shall-not-mention?)

I can’t really blog about how someone has pissed me off beyond belief at work and that I have to pander to childishness and drama.  I have no words to explain how much I hate drama.  In the bigger scheme of things it isn’t such a big thing, but it’s still not something fit for public consumption.

I can’t blog about the stuff that really affect me emotionally and how I am trying to change instinctive reactions and coping mechanisms of the last almost 40 years and the irreversible impact it has on the relationships with people close to me.  That is just too raw.  Thank God for Etienne, the kids and vodka.

I can’t blog about how much I hate my bathroom scale despite eating the right foods and walking grooves in our neighbourhood street. Oh wait.  That I can blog about.  Fuck.  I hate that bathroom scale, I avoid it like the plague.  And I shall be chucking it out the bathroom window on recommendation of someone whose opinion I value greatly.  (see how I did cryptic right there?)

What is there you don’t blog about, if anything?  What are your big No-No’s?

7 thoughts on “The things we don’t blog about”

  1. I want to blog about people I’ve worked with, some bad PR people and clients. There, I said it…

  2. I’ve restricted my blogging to professional columns but am thinking of starting an anonymous blog about the things that drive me insane. And there are many. Or so my therapist says…..

  3. I actually blog about the crap and the tears too – well some of them. What I would never blog about is me and the hubby’s relationship and intimate things. It’s not to share.

  4. I have another blog, with a largely American following, on which I use horrendous language and say whatever I like. I love that blog like it’s a part of me (actually much more than many parts of me – see your own point about the bathroom scales). But inevitably I’ve shared it with select friends who’ve shared it with other friends and now I don’t feel I can say whatever I like anymore.
    I’d say difficult friendships are the things I can’t blog about anymore, and that saddens me.
    Good for you for this post though! I’m sure you feel a bit lighter for having written it?

  5. I don’t blog about other people as far as possible….as everytime I have …it has just landed me in a whole heap of s###.

    Good for the scale growing wings…its how you feel and how the clothes fit that’s important.

  6. I don’t blog about my mother-in-law or it would ruin my marriage – even though she hates me …
    I don’t blog about ANYTHING to do with my day job, I speak about people I work with but NOTHING about my employer and my actual work …
    I don’t blog about how some of my closest and oldest friends hurt me deeply regularly and how I bury that to keep the peace …
    I don’t blog about how DEVASTATED I am that my oldest child has a learning dissability and how I want to weep in frustration when she struggles to spell Tuesday …
    I don’t blog about my ever constant BATTLE with my weight and my obesity ….
    I don’t blog about people I love too much and can’t tell them …

    We all have things that just can’t be said in a public space … sometimes revealing too much is just revealing too much …

    LOVE your blog … thank you!

    Warm regards

  7. These days , I find my blog is just an account of what we have done…and I want it to be so much more than that. So that’s the plan for this year…lets see how it goes….

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