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Have you ever tried to buy an appliance on-line?  I tried buying a washing machine today.  Unsuccessfully so.  Because we have 3 children and only so many clothes and washing needs to be done often.

I shopped around for the best price last night and found that Game had the one I want on special.  Makro and Hi-Fi Corporation have the easiest sites to navigate (for people like me), Trade Centre’s leaves a lot to be desired and House and Home, well, the less said the better.  Did I miss any major retailers? 

Couldn’t find anything on the PnP Hypermarket site and after calling them and holding for 15 minutes they did have the one I wanted for R100 more, but wouldn’t match the cheaper price. I then called their Head Office, was kept holding for another 20 minutes and eventually gave up.  I then tried to get their attention on twitter, also no response.

I need to do this TODAY as we have been quoted R1000 to fix our washing machine and for that price I’d rather buy a new one.  (Depending on the price of course)

So, armed with my price, I call Game Tygervalley.  Yes, the washing machine is on special, I can come and pay and then they can deliver (maybe) on Monday or I can collect at their warehouse in Airport Industria.  I am welcome to pay on-line, but it would take 2 (2!!!) working days to process.  HE?  Oh, and delivery charge is R150.  So, I have to DRIVE to a Game store, get out and pay for an appliance.  Then DRIVE to the warehouse and collect.  Am I just spoilt or is that a bit nuts?

Does nobody want me to spend my measly R 1 399 with them today??

Edit to add:  Thanks to Inspiration who reminded me about Tafelberg Furnishers and they matched my price and we are sorted!

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  1. I got our washing machine from Tafelberg furnishers – they were the best priced, and the easiest to deal with!

  2. Online shopping for big stuff is not jacked up. Its sometimes quicker to collect than wait for them to deliver.

  3. Online shopping for big stuff is not jacked up. Its sometimes quicker to collect than wait for them to deliver.

  4. Errr, I’ll take your money! If no one else wants it! Can’t guarantee your washing’s going to get to you on time though πŸ˜€ And I think DHL charges by the kg.
    Actually, no, you can keep your bucks.

    Good luck getting the new machine! And no, I’ve never purchased a large appliance online! I try to restrict myslef to CD’s DVD’s and Xbox games. I can hear my credit card groaning at the mere thought of going large πŸ™‚
    Have a cool weekend πŸ™‚

  5. Hello:) If you refering to Tafelberg Furniture in Durban Rd im sorry but they are closed, they had a fire a few wks ago, practically the whole shop is gone!

  6. I was just going to say Tafelberg furnishers! They gave me such great service when I bought appliances with them! Yay for TF!

  7. never done large stuff online though i really wish i could!

    i am also in the market for a new washing machine … you can hear my 10 year old DEfy spin when you’re 3 houses away now. Just need to save a little while for the one I want!

  8. Hi, thanks for popping in!
    They are open for business and operating out of the back of the original store and their warehouse which is around the corner. They are amazing!

  9. I HATE buying appliances…..always feels like they are riping me off,delivery,etc,costs….I mean how many peopel own a bakkie and can load and unload a washing machine

  10. My parents always buy appliances from Tafelberg in Somerset West and have nothing but praise for them. What I like is that they don’t always try to sell you the most expensive thing, rather what is right for you. It builds customer loyalty because now my parents don’t even think about going anywhere else and always recommend them to everyone. (But this is done in person – not online.)

  11. I hear you. I just didn’t want to drive from pillar to post,but we got sorted at Tafelberg and even managed to fit the thing in our boot!

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