Things I learnt this holiday

My kids need time to adjust to a new environment.  The first day on the beach Mignon screamed until she got carted off by Granny.  By the last day we couldn’t get her away.  Isabel and Daniel loved it from the start.

Here is Dad playing with them at the beach:

My children love watermelon.  They looooove watermelon.  And their Granddad.


Some people think a nail kit and tupperware counts as great Christmas gifts.

Mignon really can be a drama queen sometimes, but she gives really, really good hugs.  And she loves worships Barney.  Sometimes prounounced “Barbie”.  This is her on the beach:

Daniel is a really, really sweet looking little boy and has 4 freckles on his nose.  He also loves tutu’s and anything pink. And aeroplanes.  And Barbie.  He can also be a drama queen.  His beach pic:

Isabel loves kissess, and she can be farking naughty.  She has a special “naughty face” where she scrunches up her nose.  She only loves Barney for 30 seconds and then switches off the TV or changes the channel.  She is really popular with her brother and sister for this.  Her naughty face pic:

I managed to teach the girls 2 important words the last 2 weeks:  “Dankie” and “Eina”.  “Dankie” is used appropriately (mostly), but “eina” is used for anything from poo nappy or a sore toe to hungry, thirsty or tired.  Damn confusing. 

Some friends you drag along, but others really are just better left behind. 

Whatever the state of your marriage or familial relationships are before the Festive Season, they will be put to the test either way.  Whatever state they were in is bound to be made better or worse.

When you go to a public place to attempt to have a meal you will have at least 1 poo nappy and 1 bloody toe.  And 1 pissed off husband.  (whaaaat, I was shopping!)

Christmas morning:


If you are renting a beach house with appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers they will press all the buttons.  Always.

When you do a post that involves posting a lot of pictures you won;t be able to upload the pics at all.  Sorry, will come back and edit to add 🙂

12 thoughts on “Things I learnt this holiday”

  1. LOL….all sounds way too familiar….have you been spying on me….MIL gave me 2x tupper bakkies…she said they are”SO HANDY”????

  2. I hate it when they are both drama queens and give great hugs. A great hug and I can forgive anything.
    Great pics!

  3. pragitge kleingoed, te sweet, ek kan my indink as die 2 eers op hul stukke is! ek kan nie wag vir die 2ling om ook hierdie ouderdom te bereik nie, dit kan net vetpret raak, daar is niks so lekker soos ‘n huis gevul met kinderstemmetjies nie, maar ook niks so salig soos daai stilte as hul saans in die bedjie gesit is nie!!!
    lekker dag vir jou

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