Things no-one told me

I have been pondering the things no-one told me and I certainly couldn’t find in books, such as:

1.  When your baby decides to reject the boob, what to do.  All the books are so gung-ho on breastfeeding that no-one seems to think what you should do with the sore boobs and to get rid of the milk should THE BABY decide he/she doesn’t want boob anymore.
2.  How to make a 2.5 year old stop throwing stuff at his twins sisters’ heads in an effort to get attention
3.  That no book is going to get your baby into a routine and that they are pretty much going to do what they want for at least the first few months
4.  NOT to be smug with first-time parents.  Shame, it’s hard enough as it is 🙂
5.  Vomit.  Need I say more?

Anybody care to add any thoughts??  What were your experiences that no-one warned you about? 

4 thoughts on “Things no-one told me”

  1. I hate the way books make out that if you do not breastfeed your kids until they are 25 years old that you are a useless mother. BS, we rely on books for too many suggestions. I believe we should do what is completely natural and instinctive.
    Good luck with your babas.

  2. LOL so true, I was breastfeeding till 13 months and still get attitude from people because I stopped!

    Love your list, will think some more and add my list as well some time 🙂

  3. Oy… good luck and just enjoy them.. they do grow fast. You must have heard that a million times already 🙂

  4. So true! I read 7 books while pregnant and they can all go out the window! Nothing prepares you for motherhood, no one said to me that at times you will not know what to do so you just give the boob every time. Nature gave them to us, you might as well use them:)

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