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I had to laugh at Twitter today and realised again how powerful it is.  Martha Stewart is at the Design Indaba in Cape Town and she got slagged like you cannot believe.  Someone actually posted a twitpic of the Twitterfeed on big screens that people were watching!  Click herefor the article.  She is such a self important, botoxed, pompous arse.

The Montessori Matters parent meeting last night was great, sans wine, but there were lots of parents very committed to the development of their children.  The purpose of the meeting was to inform parents on how to extend “the Montessori way” beyond the classroom.

Some things that were brought up and discussed:

(Disclaimer:  if I miss-quote anything or anyone I apologise up front, this was my personal experience!)

1.  The age at which children are able to handle “fantasy” such as Ben10.  It was said that children cannot really distinguish between fantasy and reality until about the age of 6.  For smaller children it is better to buy books and stories that are steeped in reality such as farm animals etc.  They do not allow any Superhero or Barbie items at the school and I completely support that.

2.  Eating habits.  A LOT was said about this and the biggest message was that you should be unemotional and consistent.  For example, the rule at the school is that they don’t get snacks if they don’t eat at least some of their food and they must at least TRY everything on their plates.  

3. “Inside voice” and “Outside voice”.  Need I say more?

4.  They encourage children to be independent such as dressing themselves from an early age and being able to pour their own juice, wash dishes, water and care for plants etc.  A lot of emphasis on letting children find their own way and to give them the chance to try new skills.  They also don’t have any plastic cups and plates, even in the Toddler group.

5.  “Grace and courtesy”.  I almost think that this is the bottom line of Montessori.  Don’t interrupt your child when they are trying to tell you a story, because otherwise you cannot expect them to not interrupt you.

6.  They also reiterated that, when presented with a picture, you shouldn’t ask “what is that”, rather “tell me about your picture”

I’m sure there was more, but these were the things that stood out for me.

Then of course this car drives past me this morning with a Mom trying to hold her jumping Toddler from climbing through to the front whilst driving WITH a car seat in the back and as she has passed me I realise she is one of the Toddler Moms.  Do I say something??  Man, that annoys me!

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! 

4 thoughts on “This and that”

  1. Can’t believe Martha was sooo bad????

    All the ideas from the meeting sound great,especially the inside voice and outside voice,does help with volume control when you have a few kids

  2. Also heard on Cape Talk that Martha was the worst of the presentations this morning – even worse than a woman who spoke about how to use every part of a pig to design things! EEUUUWW!

    My consolations are that the brekkie is sponsored by Woolies so should be decent, we get free entry to the Indaba and my friend and I had years of experience of passing notes in class to amuse ourselves while boring teachers droned on. I think I’ll take my camera with the zoom lens and play a game of “Spot the botox entry point”.

    MM sounds great. And please report that mum to the Montessori police. GRRRRR!

  3. Ah I would so say something to that of my biggest biggest peeves is people who dont strap their children in, it is sooo dangerous! Makes me mad! have a lovely wend!

  4. Interesting pointers raised at your meeting. Definite food for tought. Possibly if you tell the Mommy that you saw her battling and suggest how YOU put your toddler into the seat . . . the trick is to be as patronising as possible and, of course, just a smidgeon sarcastic. Hopefully, if she’s not intellectually challenged, she’ll get the message. Oh and do it with other Mommies around. 🙂

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