This might be a long post…(you might want to get a cuppa)

First off, confession time. Deblet did a post about whether you are a hoarder or not. 

I have been trying to sort out a room full of crap this weekend as well as several containers of toys from the beginning of children.  OMG, what to keep “for incase” for them and other kids to play with and what to give away?  I also have bags and bags of clothing, nogals separated into “foster home”, “pass on to friends” and “keep” bags.  I’m really not that sentimental, I think, but I’m a lot better at getting rid of my own shit than that of my kids.  So, there you have it.

My intent is to have this blog be my way of “hoarding” all the memories, so that my children will have something to refer to when they grow up.  At least it’s not taking up too much space!

Took this pic of the girls lying on the kitchen floor over the weekend:

(let’s see if you can get this one right Minki :-))

Daniel also started in the pre-primary school today, which entails a move to another classroom, on a farm, with kids that are aged between 3-6.  (thank goodness, 3 of his classmates also moved)
He turned 3 in May, so my little boy is going to big school. 

So, after a weekend of bad tummy thanks to antibiotics (I’m sparing you the puddle of poo story, you can thank me later) and MANY Reuteri chew tablets, he was declared ok to go to school.

We arrived at the school this morning with all the scary big kids running amok and he of course headed straight for the puzzles.  The first words out of my mouth was, of course, to recite the allergies.  I spent some time with him and he then wouldn’t let me leave.  He is not generally a clingy child, but this could have gotten ugly.  I then realised that he didn’t have his Reuteri chew tablet this morning so I said: “how about a sweetie my boy”, which was met with great enthusiasm.  I then suggested that if I gave him the sweetie he might want to let me leave (without sounding desperate of course).  This was met with some enthusiasm.  So, I flung the “sweetie” at him, kissed him, and ran for the hills.  Hiehiehie

When I arrived this avie he didn’t want to leave, so I’m going to leave him for longer tomorrow and see how that goes.  I might actually get some work done…

In the next few weeks and months there will be a lot of moving kids around in the house whilst we paint and tidy up (and throw away!!) and I’m really looking forward to having a clean AND tidy house.  And a home office.  And a playroom.  And the girls in their own beds.

OK, have to dash, hubby is on some animal welfare website and is threatening to adopt a horse.  For Daniel of course.  He reckons it can stay in the backyard, but Daniel has to pick up the poo.  I said the poo would be bigger than Daniel.  🙂

8 thoughts on “This might be a long post…(you might want to get a cuppa)”

  1. Love the post, when you have finished with your house, mine could do with a work over!
    Girls look great and yay for Daniel and big school.
    Glad to hear that tests were clear. xx

  2. OK, let me see…..(pic is a bit small), uhm, Mignon left and Isabel on the right?
    They are growing so fast now.

  3. Mmmm, we can work something out! Let me just see how long it takes me to get my butt into gear..

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