This, that and then another thing

Wooooosh.  That’s the sound of the days flying by until Christmas.  Scary stuff.

Saturday was as hectic as predicted and we spent a really relaxed day at home on Sunday and didn’t see anyone.  We all needed it!

Here is Mignon at the mini-golf on Saturday morning.  I should rather call it the walk-around-fake-grass-whilst-fishing-golf-balls-out-of-murky-water-and-protecting-shins-from-random-whacking-with-kiddy-golf-clubs-and-carrying-of-annoyed-toddlers.

My friend Sue had this awesome wine at the post-WP-got-a-fat-smack-rugby-game-braai.  I HAD to take a pic!  (see, even when not blogging I think of my fellow bloggers!)

Then, yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a Noeleen 3talk bookclub event at The Table Bay.  Here is Tannie Evita with her cookbook called Kossie Sikelela, the cover is a poster, very clever!  And I was lucky enough to win a copy of the book.  (ok, realistically speaking I jumped up and waved my hands so they pretty much didn’t have a choice, but hey)

The book is amazing, it’s filled with lovely photos of Tannie Evita and easy-to-follow recipes for the gastronomically challenged like me.  Thanks so much!! 

And lastly.  Cazpi took a lovely pic of Pieter Dirk Uys, but I happened to be in it and had the shock of my life, so I AM NOW ON A DIET.  I’m still deciding if I’ll share my progress, but enough is enough.  Sjoe. 

22 thoughts on “This, that and then another thing”

  1. Very cool pics 🙂 And yes, you did wave your arms madly, BUT, you were first – ie – you won their attention 😛

  2. Thanks for thinking of me – hope the wine was good! What a lovely event to go to. I bought that book for my mum for Mother’s Day. The vegetarian Thai green curry is easy-peasy and delicious!

  3. Mignon looks beautiful but not too happy 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about the picture thing! I also realised I needed to go on a diet after seeing myself in a picture … and then I got pregnant … so now it has to wait a bit! But as a result of the extra weight from before I look about 20 weeks pregnant and I’m only 11 weeks along 🙁

  4. Love the pic of M. I see that expression a lot around here too 🙂 Brave you doing mini golf with the kids!!!
    Yay for your win! Hope there’s some healthy stuff in there so you can cook up a storm and look fabulous at the end of it all! Not that you don’t look fabulous, but if you want to diet, you mustn’t feel guilty for indulging! Good luck 🙂

  5. Don’t worry, you always look further along in your second pregnancy, please don’t be hard on yourself!

  6. And now, I shall slap you. What an awful thing to say. You are NOT big hun. You were however, rather keen. giggle 😛

  7. I’ll have a look and get hubby to make it when I am not here, don’t eat red meat 🙂

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