Time goes by

When we found out we were having twins and that there would be a 22 month gap we had to make some adjustments to our life.  D went off to school half day and we got live-in domestic help along with the nanny mainly because I’m a full time working mom and I refused to spend the little time I had at home cleaning and ironing.  I decided that I would give up all my luxuries and invest in this one “luxury”.

Then things got a little easier and we scaled down to a char twice a week with Daniel full day at school, which meant that nanny could cope with the girls on her own full day.

Then I changed my work arrangements last year, which in theory meant that I would be more flexible and spend more time with the kids.  Hasn’t always worked out that way because I now work for myself, harder than ever before, but I still have a little more flexibility.  And a lot less guilt.

We also had to decide between putting the girls in school vs leaving them at home for another year and then D’s school called and said that they could accommodate the girls as of 1 Feb.  So now we have retrenched the nanny and will be left with the char 2 times a week.

And it just hit me that I’ve been seriously spoilt.  Nanny used to make sure the washing was always done and everything neat and repack cupboards etc.  Now we are going to have to clean house at night and then make sure that we are organised for the next day.

Which brings me to my question:  I have made a mental list of things I want to do the night before to save time in the morning so we don’t run around like decapitated chickens, trying to get everyone dressed and out the door in time for school. Please check my list and add ideas or suggestions?

1.  Pack bags

2.  Pack lunch boxes and snacks

3.  Put clothes and shoes out for next day.  (Who am I kidding, cannot get any of them to wear shoes!)

4.  Check weather!

I’m so nervous!  I’m also taking the girls to their new school tomorrow morning so they familiarise themselves before Monday, hold thumbs it all goes well!

7 thoughts on “Time goes by”

  1. crossing fingers for you and the girls! Maybe to get them to be more co operative (dunno how they fare ) in the morning before school try make a chart of all the things they have to do like ‘get dressed, brush teeth’ that they can put a little tick next to each morning as they complete each task!this might only work with the girls when they are a little older, but theres an idea for you. x

  2. What an exciting time for you all!
    I think your list is fine, just remember to leave the juices/water in the fridge until morning otherwise these are warm before they drink them.
    Packing lunches the night before definitely helps, I tried it in the morning for a couple of days doesn’t work for me.
    Good luck, will be thinking of you on Monday. (hugs) xxxx

  3. If the lunch box includes juice or water then that’s fine and if the bag contains change of clothes, sun hat and sunscreen that’s also good. We also have a list of the different things that are needed each day e.g. Monday is fruit to share day, Tuesday is sandwiches for the poor, etc. D also gets a star if he does all the things he’s supposed to do like eat breakfast, have vitamins, get dressed, clean teeth, put on sun block. If he has ten stars at the end of the week he gets a “prize” such as a Thomas eggy or some stickers. Good luck!

  4. Good luck with the girls starting school. It is such a big milestone as it is your babies going off to school. I am putting off sending Riley as I know that I am not having anymore children and every milestone she has reached, has made me so happy but also a little sad as she is growing up way too quickly…much quicker than her lazy brother 🙂

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