Too lazy for words

I am literally too lazy to write.  Granted, I am working today and tomorrow, but the whole Festive Experience this year compared to last year is just like day and night.

Last year I went all Martha Stewart and we had Christmas day at our house.  I literally cooked and baked for 2 days and to say Christmas day was a disaster would be an understatement.  (Not from a cooking point of view, from a family politics point of view).  But lets not linger.

This year we had Christmas at my parents’ house with my Dad’s brother and his wife and it was a blissfully quiet and stressfree Christmas.  I made the sum total of a lemon curd, a green salad and potatoes for the day.  Yes, I made a whole lot of other stuff for gifts and literally crocheted until my fingers ached, but that was fun, so it doesn’t really count.  At some point I will blog the stuff I made (a knitted scarf, crochet bags, vanilla essence, creams, crochet necklaces and face cloth), but right now it’s just too much effort.

My birthday is on the 1st of Jan and we usually invite everyone that’s around over for a late, relaxed braai on the day.  Last year was huge, so many of our friends were around and we had an awesome time, but I just can’t this year.  In fact, if I don’t have to see anyone on my birthday at all (except for Etienne and the kids) I would be cool with that. Does that make me a horrible person?

I also remember that last year my FIL turned 80 on 9 January and I was responsible for arranging the party and decorating the table etc.  This year he is 81.  He gets wine and a big kiss.  That’s about as much effort as I can muster.

I also realise that last year is vastly different to this year.  Last year I was in a very unhappy place and feeling very uncertain about the future, so I was probably happy to overcompensate for not pulling my weight financially.  This year I am very tired, but quietly content.  My happy drugs have kicked in, I feel a lot more secure, there is a (very) little light at the end of our financial dark tunnel and Etienne and I are in a good place.  The kids are just, well, the kids.  In a completely awesome way.

I’m feeling positive about 2012 and I bought a whole lot of cotton today so I can start with a huge blanket for our bed, the first big thing just for us.

How are you feeling about 2012?

Ps: Last night I was doing the dishes after spending the morning being chased around on the beach by the kids and listening to Etienne read to them.  They were tired and ratty and kept interrupting him when he was trying to read and we were both counting the minutes until we could collapse on the couch.  They went on and on and on and on and he just kept it together.  Any sane person would have lost their marbles and shouted, but he didn’t.

And that is why I am the luckiest girl alive.

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  1. I was wondering why no post for 2 weeks, sheesh, talk about leaving us hanging! Your post ended perfectly and thats what matters most at the end of the day isnt it? Next year is going to be the best ever for all of us, we are setting goals, making lists and planning ahead, but we already have the most important things right now and while they are all sleeping still, its all about keeping them safe, healthy and happy. Roll on 2012, we are ready! Ps. About your bday, its YOUR day, to do asyou please. But if we wer home wild horses coulnt keep us away!

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