Translating Daniel

Daniel is at that age now where he says the cutest things, here are some of them:

Groter/kleiner –  to turn music louder or softer
Dit werk nie so nie – says this at random, especially to his sisters or in frustration when things don’t go his way
Easy tiger – says this to his sisters a lot – very cute!
Sharing caring – yep, Barney rules, but only at his convenience of course.  This normally applies to supper time for the girls when they get to watch Baby Einstein and Daniel knows this is sharing time, but he chooses the one B/Einstein that scares them.  He is such a boy!
Net so – he doesn’t like spreads on his rice cakes
Bielie bielie balie – Wielie wielie walie (Afrikaans song)
Tarzan – Tarzes
Muisie – Ice Age
Muisie 2 – Ice Age 2
Muisie 3 – Ratatouille
Soekerman – Superman
Tony – Chinese (food)
Boekwinkel – Library
Snow white plek – actual book shop
Groot winkel – Tygervalley
Klein winkel – any shop smaller than Tygervalley
Chippie plek – Fish and chips takeaway

He LOVES the Balamory song and mostly sings the words, otherwise he improvises and adds his own lyrics or just hums it.

We were also at Cape Garden Centre this past weekend (to escape the PMS!!) and hubby went to show him the snakes they sell.  He kept on wanting to go back and even asked for one.  HELL NO.

He did however get 3 goldfish for his birthday, which he promptly named 1,2 ,3 and 4.  Let’s see how long that lasts as his favourite pastime is to drag kitchen chairs over to the counter, climb on top of the counter and switch the light of the tank on and off.  I caught him yesterday morning trying to spoon water out of the tank with a comb.  Yes, a comb.


5 thoughts on “Translating Daniel”

  1. Love this age, there are so many new things, words and expressions every day.
    Hugs for Daniel, love that he has fishes, really great pets!

  2. ahh this is a wonderful list! love the ‘Easy Tiger’- must be really cute coming from a 3 year old!

  3. ah, it is, thanks. He is so cuddly, I wish he always stay like this and I LOVE his sense of humor!

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