Trip down memory lane – 10 Year wedding anniversary

As part of this month of gratitude I wanted to end off with a bang and a really soppy and ethereal post about how fantastic my husband is, but I think I have pretty much covered how amazing and wonderful he is, so instead I will give you a glimpse into our wedding day as today we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

Our wedding was amazing.  It was everything I wanted and almost everyone we wanted to be there was there.  We kept it small, only 72 people and asked our (many!) single friends not to bring dates as we wanted to know every single person there.  We were lucky that most of our friends knew each other anyway.

It was an eclectic mix of people, there was SO much love and happiness and the drunkest person on the day was the DJ.  We left at 03h00 with the last guests and we had an absolute BALL!

It was held at La Couronne in Franschhoek (I see the name has changed to Montrochelle!) and the weather was crap, we went to scout spots for photographs the day before and found awesome outside spots, but had to move the whole thing indoors on the day.  Our photographer was Dawie Verwey and he used our pictures for his portfolio as ours was the first wedding he did.  My dress was a Paul van Zyl creation, back in the day when mere mortals could still afford it. The theme was daisies.

There are not too many serious pictures, it just wasn’t that kind of wedding.  But it was perfect for us. 

Love you babes, you still rock my world!

This is me bending over to show all the daisy petals (confetti) in my cleavage.

Us, close-up.

Just about the only serious one:

See, I said lots of horseplay!

My absolute favourite picture, taken very late that night.

46 thoughts on “Trip down memory lane – 10 Year wedding anniversary”

  1. Awesome, beautiful and stunning! I think this is the first time I have ‘seen’ you 🙂 And WOW! You look amazing!
    Congrats on making 10 years 🙂 May the next 10 be just as special as the photos above 🙂

  2. Mine is next year – must say there have been a couple opf troughs there, but all in all I probably would not have changed a thing. Enjoy the celebrations.

  3. Gorgeous pics! Love the first one of you! You look positively bursting at the seams with happiness! 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Wow HUGE congratulations to you both! Your wedding looks like it was an absolute ball, exactly what a wedding should be and you are beautiful, my fave is the first one and the one with you staring down into each others ‘souls’ is such a cool pic!! Big Mwah to you xx

  5. An absolute ball indeed….Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    May there be many many more wonderful joyful years!!!

  6. Thank you, we’ve also had tough times, but it can’t all be plain sailing, that would be plain boring!

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous! And how young does E look! Wow. You too of course but him especially.
    Love the confetti photo. That’s my favourite. Captures your spirit beautifully.

  8. Happy Anniversary. What gorgeous photos! You were so full of joie de vivre and your dress was stunning. The first photo is fabulous – glamorous girl! How awesome that 10 years later you are still celebrating your love.

  9. O my word!!! You guys were so young 🙂 So cute and FULL of nonsense – not much has changed hehe 😛 Gorgeous, and belated blog congrats 🙂

  10. Joe ek is mal oor daai vooroor buk foto van jou. Te pragtig!

    Baie geluk 🙂 (al is ek ‘n hele paar dae laat :D)

  11. What a gorgeous couple you are!!! A bit late, but happy anniversary to you both. Wishing you 40 more :).

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