Twinny twins

I am forever carrying on about how we celebrate the differences between our twins and encourage them to be individuals.  The winter shopping is done, clothes all “different but the same”.

But after tonight I live in mortal fear that I’ll be running from shop to shop to buy duplicates of everything.

I bought them PJ’s yesterday, pink for Mignon and polka dots for Isabel. 

Tonight, after their bath hubby and I were dressing them as usual.  They both wanted the polka dots. And they cried their little hearts out.  Initially I thought we could get away with half-and-half.  I had visions of polka dot and pink mixes and was already taking the picture and posting it here in my imagination.  (maybe I was trying to block out the screaming??).

To no avail.  They both wanted the WHOLE set.  At which point I took it away and pulled their old PJ’s from the cupboard.  Problem solved.

OMG.  I see another trip to Ackermans in my near future..

7 thoughts on “Twinny twins”

  1. Shame,you can’t win! It’s probably after their fabulous polka dot party that they are both so dotty verskrik.

  2. Ek het met die laaities gesien, maak nie saak wat ek dink nie, HULLE sal besluit waarvan hulle hou 🙂

  3. And when you get back from Ackies with another dotty set, THEY will decide pink is much more fun and demand pink sets. You have twice the fun we “normal” mums have (OK, you are normal, I mean…you know what I mean).

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