I took a quick break at lunchtime today to pop out to the shops and whilst I was there the school called.  The girls are coughing and haven’t gone to sleep yet.  This is an hour into their nap time.  So, off I went to fetch them, thinking I could give them some medicine and put them down.

HA. HA. I eventually gave up when they started signing the Bob the Builder song.  For the 15th time.  They have almost never not slept in the afternoon, so I was dreading this evening.

Here they are just before we finally carted them off to bed.  They kept on saying they are very ‘tyaad’. But they were really good. 

ps: They are wearing new PJ tops my Mom bought them and dropped off just after supper over their own PJ’s

pps:  Yes, I haven’t posted a pic of Daniel in ages. The child is not obliging me at the moment.  My best shot so far is one where he is stuffing a strawberry in his mouth.  Very attractive.

22 thoughts on “Tyaad”

  1. Hope the girls are going to feel better soon. They look “tyaad”. Have they grown a few more centimetres? Their legs look really long in this pic. xx

  2. Hope they slept nicely for you last night. I had the night from hell with Connor, but thank gawd he wasn’t singing Bob the builder at 3am.
    Love the pic – they look so chilled 🙂 And I see someone else likes lying on the furniture!

    Hey, we don’t mind strawberry stuffed mouths – especially not on Daniel!

  3. hope they feel better today and that they slept ok last night! otherwise you must be quite TYAAD today 🙂

    PS. i think we have the same couch!

  4. LOL, Coricraft? Isn’t light green such a fabulous cover with snotty noses and peanutbutter fingers?

  5. Minki skips her nap on a regular basis now. It’s all in the timing – if I know she did not have her nap we better be finished with feeding, bathing, pjs on and tucked in bed by 7pm – otherwise, H.E.L.L.!

    ps: I can NEVER have a white couch in my house!

  6. Im thinking of dropping the day time sleep!

    They do look rather lovely in their jaamies:-)

  7. Thanks 🙂
    There’s NO way I’ll encourage them to drop their nap, I need the time-out!

  8. You posted him wearing his sisters’ fairy gear, how could a strawberry mouth be worse? tee hee

  9. Hope the girls are better. I’m trying to teach my Toddler to say “I’m Tyaad”. I am not succeeding at all. Not good.

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