Ups and downs

1.  Had to fork out a lot of money on our car yesterday, but it is going like a boeing now.
2.  Daniel has decided he no longer wants to sleep in the afternoons, this is only a down as it means no more weekend naps for me!  It does give us flexibility with other stuff though.

1.  Will hopefully be able to make announcement re work in the next few days
2.  Hubby got a major increase this week, out of the blue! 

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with hubby and the kids.  Going to a 1st birthday party tomorrow and helping my friend with the cake (farm-truck cake, will post pics, promise!)  Tomorrow avie a pregnant friend is coming around for tea and Sunday I think will be family day.  I have visions of a pork belly roast.  (apologies to all Muslim and Jewish readers)

I did up a looong to-do list yesterday and emailed it to hubby saying he can pick which of the things he commits to doing and he can let me know which things he would like me to outsource 🙂  That way he is under no pressure and I can hopefully get the things done I would like to get done!

4 thoughts on “Ups and downs”

  1. When Tash gave up on her 40 winks I replaced it with quiet time – worked a bomb for about 20 min 😉

  2. haha, we also tried it this week, at least he loves building puzzles, so that helps. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Oh dear, Pork Belly roast is my favorite!! Just can’t dare make it at the moment, so have that and enjoy it for me too!!!!!!
    Yay for increase and car going well.
    Have a great weekend.x

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