Very Bad Blogger

Can’t believe I haven’t done a blog post since last week!  I have composed so many posts in my head and now I have so much to say, but then it will be 5 pages long, so I’ll just share some shopping mall experiences and then come back later for photo and video shares!

I have been spending a lot of time in meetings in coffee shops this week, so I’ve seen some funny stuff.  But my 2 favourite things are:

1.  Walking behind me yesterday I hear: “I didn’t spend that money and when I prove it you will make our tea for 3 nights in a row”.  I thought Huh? and turned around to look.  A very, very old couple having a friendly go at each other.  Scary thing is I can see husband and myself doing the same thing in about 50 (OK, made that 40) years’ time.  Very sweet!

2.  A young couple with a newborn come to sit next to me at the Mugg & Bean.  The Mom had baby in a sling and was looking pale and a little tired (ring a bell?).  She then took baby out and was holding her.  And they weren’t talking to each other, just shared a muffin and had some coffee and was staring at the baby.  And I mean Staring.  I was puzzled and of course my imagination ran amok wondering what could possibly be wrong with this little person.  Until I realised they were staring at their baby in total AWE.  They couldn’t stop staring and touching the baby.  How sweet is that?  I sometimes wonder if I did enough baby-gazing when my kids were babies.  But you probably never can.  And there are so many things I wanted to tell them, but then I would have sounded like one of those psycho shopping-mall-strangers, so I just kept quiet and smiled sweetly.

Gotta run, my Dad’s in hospital for a small procedure so I have left the kids at school later so I can pop in and visit him.

Hope everyone is doing well, will come back to read blogs later!    

16 thoughts on “Very Bad Blogger”

  1. LOL @ the old couple! Me and hubby argue about stuff like that already 😀

    Very cute with the newborn! No, you never do enough baby-gazing, and when you look again, they’ve grown up 🙁 But they’re still cute to look at. When they’re sleeping. LOL 😀

    Hope your Dad’s doing ok! Looking foward to some pics & vids. I was just wondering where you’ve been. You VBB. Glad all is okay 🙂

  2. Yep. That reporter needs a frontal lobotomy, talk about biased reporting, she didn’t even contact the school for a statement, facts are wrong etc etc etc, don’t get me started. A statement will be sent to the paper by the school.

    I often consider doing a post about it, but it’s just not worth the energy to give that, that, that PERSON the time of day or any more publicity. So, I’ll keep my mouth firmly shut and wind my neck back in.

    Will chat about it over coffee soon 🙂

  3. I OFTEN have the urge to run up to total strangers with newborns in shopping centres and say mad things like “Aren’t babies the best?” and “Enjoy every every minute, it goes too fast.” Most of the time I supress my urges but *ahem* not always.

  4. haha. I’m also tempted sometimes to share advice with random strangers, but I also don’t want to seem like a creepy loony.

  5. Sometimes it’s okay to be the shopping-mall loony if you’re going to be nice (well, that’s my theory!) Hope your dad is okay.

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