Voting day

Today we voted in the local elections and until now it’s never been a big thing for us, but now that we have twitter etc it’s amazing how important it’s become and I absolutely love it!
I refuse to raise apathetic children and will do my best to encourage them to vote, always.
Etienne and I voted in shifts (him in the morning and me late avie as the queues were hectic mid-morning) and we went to friends for lunch. These friends moved to Cape Town recently and are expecting their first baby. Their house is beautifully pristine and nothing has been moved to adult eye-level yet. There are no unidentified stains on their carpets and furniture, their house doesn’t smell like pee and they have lovely, non-functional, purely decorative stuff on low tables. I don’t know whether I should feel sorry for them or envy them. But they are such nice people I might just invite them over to shock them into what lies ahead
There were quite a few adults and children running around and for a brief, slightly inebriated moment I sat back and realised that these kind of gatherings makes life special.
Tonight I am feeling lucky and blessed and full of gratitude for all the amazing people in my life.
Thank you!
Ps, just to prove I did vote:


One thought on “Voting day”

  1.  I do think once you have kids you do becomes less aware that you have to ultimately answer to them 🙂

    I also found twitter wonderfully inspiring!

    Being pregnant I was moved to the front which I was very grateful for because I was mid hot flush when we arrived!

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