Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow is our 9th wedding anniversary, I can’t believe it!

Even though hubby and I have known each other since primary school, a whopping 24 years, we have only been together for just over 10 years. 

This year has probably been the hardest so far and our communication skills have been put to the test as it sometimes is really hard to have a conversation with 3 little people demanding attention, but so far (mostly) so good.  I also marvel at how good he is with them and what a good listener he is.

So, I didn’t marry the DIY king, but that’s what handy men are for 🙂

10 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary! It was our anniversary on Friday and we went out for lunch (easier to organise childcare during the day). We realised it’s the first time in ages we’ve gone somewhere as a couple without those little people demanding attention. Gave us a chance to really talk – hope you can find time just for each other to celebrate your anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    We are 9 years in March 2010.
    Hope you are doing something sinfully fun and silly tonight.

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