I had the pleasure of a visit to the Pead on Saturday morning as Mignon was coughing the whole of Friday night and didn’t want to eat or drink on Saturday morning – you know when they just “hang” on you without any energy?

By 08h30 on Sat morning I was in the car on the way to the doctor after
1.  having spoken to the doctor twice
2.  had a shower
3.  fed the girls breakfast
4.  cleaned up the vomit
5.  changed my clothes
6.  sorted out Isabel’s bloodied lip when she fell flat on her face when her brother yanked her clothes as she had her arms stuck in the sleeves of her dressing gown
7.  arranged for a friend to take Daniel to his party

Phew.  It is the dreaded RS Virus.

Girls better now, managed to talk doctor out of having Mignon admitted, I prefer dealing with it at home as they pick up all kinds of other bugs in hospital!

Have a great week! 

9 thoughts on “Weekend”

  1. Ai what a weekend,hope little one better soon also don’t like admitting mine to hospital,but they usually so sick by then that they have to be admitted

  2. I don’t know what RS is but it sounds awful. Hope you and yours are soon smiling and healthy! BTW Just caught up with your posts – your farm truck is very impressive. Want to come and do some cakemaking therapy for my son D’s birthday?

  3. Sterkte met die RS. Maak maar gereed vir Issabelle om dit ook te kry. As jy nog nie ‘n nebuliser het nie, is dit ook ‘n goeie ding om in te belê.

  4. Thanks, Daniel kry nogals kroep, so ons het nebuliseerder, dankie tog, anders was my poppe in die hospitaal!

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