Weekend Installment 1 – The vomit and Poo post (not for the fainthearted!)

Mignon now has Daniel’s cold we ended up taking her to the Physiotherapist on Friday and Saturday morning before the party.  By Saturday morning Isabel was also sick with runny nose, watery eyes and cough.  She and Mignon proceeded to vomit up at least once a meal between themselves this whole weekend as their little bodies just cannot cope with the sheer volume of snot and slime.

After the party on Saturday ALL we wanted to do was get the kids down for their nap and collapse.  Hubby went to drop off the nanny and while he was away I was running between Daniel and Isabel and she then managed to hurl up all over my back when I picked her up and it actually ran down into my pants.  I changed clothes and went to lie down.   

Daniel then came into our bedroom and was farting.  As I turned around to say that’s not very nice, I looked into his face and he was looking at his bum like the dog always does when he’s farted with this “deer in the headlights” expression. And he was going around in circles.  And it wasn’t hot air. And there was positively piles of it on the carpet in our room.

I am terrible with poo, I normally do the vomit and hubby does the poo.  I had to leave the room, otherwise it would not have been a pretty sight! 

Today pretty much went on the same, so far tonight only Mignon decorated the floor just before bedtime and only 1 wardrobe change.  Isabel is still mumbling, but hopefully it will be fine?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Installment 1 – The vomit and Poo post (not for the fainthearted!)”

  1. Ewwwwwwww, thank god my son has not had any poop accidents for me in his 5 years. Last year he was off sick with a horrible tummy virus (Giardia) and was sick for a month, but not once did he actually not make it to the loo. Good boy. The maid had to clean up once incident where he also farted, and then realised, “eish, that wasnt a fart”

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