Weekend stories

We had a lovely weekend with the kids, but at the same time I feel like we achieved nothing.  Maybe because I didn’t spend my day in the shops on Saturday?

I took D to a birthday party in the morning and in the afternoon we went to friends in Stellenbosch to watch the rugby.  Read: men watch rugby and women run after children.  Still fun though, even if our children were climbing over their Dad for most of the game 🙂

I decided this afternoon that I couldn’t bear looking at Daniel’s hair any longer, he really, really needed a haircut.  For those of you familiar with me, you know that cutting hair is not considered one of my talents.  But at 5pm on a Sunday with a hectic week ahead I felt I had no choice.  So, I said he could watch any movie he wanted and I stuck him on a kitchen chair.  Only to have the girls each drag their own chair close so they could also watch TV from the slightly weird angle.  Either side of their brother.  So, after some chair shuffling, I managed to get him ready to start cutting. 

He kept on pulling his neck in like a tortoise when I would try to get to his neck hair with the clippers.  And the hair on top was SO long, I ended up cutting the sides really short, front bit not so short and by the time I got to the top and back it was chaos.  I thought I had done a good (ish) job, but after washing his hair the top back bits were still so long it didn’t even look like a bad mohawk.  So there I was, running after him with a pair of scissors, trying to get it sorted.  Shit.  I’ll see what it looks like in the morning and then I might stay in denial or (make hubby) take him to have it fixed..

Here is he, clutching his little Alladin man, fast asleep. Ok, I seriously effed up his hair or maybe it’s just the angle?  Did I mention I also tried to fix the girls’ fringes again tonight?  No?  Well.  They are probably also due for a trip to the hairdresser soon..

Will take another pic in the morning. Maybe.  Depending on how bad it is..

16 thoughts on “Weekend stories”

  1. The only way I could cut Tash’s hair when she was younger was with a lolly. She’d sit still for about 7 minutes. That was my gap.

    Looks find from this angle

  2. You are a brave Mama to do the haircuts yourself. I could never do that. I used to do it with my older boy and he would just NOT sit still. Always ended up in tears for him and loads of frustration for me. I think that he probably sensed my anxiety. Having said that, I can do it fine with the toddler. Providing that he has a lolly or chips to keep him occupied. He is not interested in watching any TV.
    Looks like you did a good job. Well done!

  3. hahaha I love this. So reminds me of me 🙂 I cut Matti and Bear’s hair. Matti will NOT let the clippers anywhere near him. He has the thickest hair I have ever seen, and it takes an age to do. Bribing mostly works. As he got older he eventually let me take him to the barber – still, NO clippers. Now he has the same length hair and no chunks missing in places – it’s cute lol!!
    Bear on the other hand – well, he still has a year or two of Momi styled hair – when you see big chunks missing, shhhh see? 😛

  4. Even hairdressers battle with this age group and hair cuts, you did well Mom!
    Is that childrens hairdress in Tyger Valley expensive? xx

  5. CLutching his toy – so sweet! Daniel’s haircut looks very trendy. I know men who spend a fortune to get their hair to look like that! Spending a lovely weekend with your children is an achievement in itself. Calm down to a panic, Ms Over-achiever! 😉

  6. No, not really, but they are quite bad. I’m forever having to neaten up what they did. OK,maybe I’m just really anal.

  7. You comment made me go back and read my post. Gosh, I sound terrible. It is SO special to spend time with them!

  8. I hope you didn’t read any criticism into my comment. I just meant that maybe you expect too much of yourself when you are achieving so much already with your wonderful family.

  9. You know, hairdressing is NOT my strongest point either! I think as long as it’s shorter, it’s good 🙂 Looks like you did a fine job!
    I won’t be attempting Connor’s hair again – I’d rather pay someone else to mess it up! And his next cut is going to be the long back bits! He currently has a mullet 🙁 Poor kid.

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