Weekend stories

This weekend really went by like a shwoooosh, when I blinked it was Sunday night!

On Saturday morning we did the Tygervalley run with all the children and I was once again reminded why I don’t enjoy taking the twins out shopping.  It’s like a damn freak show, everybody stops and stares.  I try to be all sweet about it, but it actually just irritates me.

Then off to a birthday party with Daniel where my friend Sam and I kept on spilling our Gluhwein when we were running after our boys.  Phew, it’s really hard to balance a glass whilst running!

Saturday night was Chicken curry with friends and yesterday morning was the Twins society get together at Kids Playzone in Durbanville. I’m so glad people pitched; I would have been horrified if no-one came!  Will try to upload picture soon.

What I found really amazing is the amount of prem babies that are now toddlers or children that are running around.  The one couple was there with their twins that were born at 25 weeks!  They are now a year old and are amazing!  It made me really grateful for good doctors and good hospitals.

I’m off to hospital now, will catch up in the next day or so.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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