Weight question and Danielism

Daniel from the bathroom tonight: “Ek’s besig!”

Daddy then went to investigate and found very little water left in the bath,  It was chaos as the girls are now able to open the bathroom door and we had our hands full trying to herd them from the bathroom, mop up and get Daniel out.  I always marvel at how much damage they can do in such little time!

I would like to ask…

I seriaaasly need to lose weight and did my trusted Sureslim diet earlier in the year, lost about 7 kgs (of the 20 odd I have to lose), promptly lost the plot and gained it all back.

So, I have been wondering about going to Weigh less, even though I had a shocking, shocking experience with them several years ago.  I have also looked at several of the diets going around at the moment like Slender Wonder and New You.  I really don’t feel like starving myself and would prefer to rather make a lifestyle change that will ensure that I keep the weight off.  I think I have finally come to the realization that there is no such thing as a quick fix, injection or milk shake.  Just focus.

Please can can I have your thoughts? 

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  1. I have seen some very good things with the low GI diet. Not really a weightloss diet and no sudden losses but sustained losses over a period of time.
    Just be prepared to change your entire eating pattern!!!

  2. My Hubbie does Weigh less and it is the only long term weight loss program….he has tried all the others too sureslim,herbalife,weight watchers,you name it…….Good luck it’s also a mind change in your approach to food

  3. How about Weight-Watchers? You can still have your odd peanut butter and jam sarmie or chocolate by just making them part of your points for the day. WW is based on the amount KJ your body needs to loose weight, so if you get appointed 20 points then that is what you should intake.

  4. I really believe that Weigh less is what you are looking for – it’s a change of lifestyle and not a diet. And it works in the long term!

  5. I’ve also tried them all and I think you have to find the one that works for you. Personally I prefer Weight Watchers to Weighless. I find the point system easy to use. It takes a week or two to get into it but after that you stop looking up the weights, you just know them.
    You can save points for the weekend for that special treat too. And even if you really need a treat during the week you can have it – you just minus it from your point allocation and eat more veg and salad that day. I lost 4kg’s my first week and then steadily about 2kg’s for the next 3. You just have to stick through it through the plateau’s.

    Still to this day I only eat potato’s the size of a cake of soap and meat the size and thinkness of my palm!

    Think I should find my books and start again then we can do this together! Summer is a-coming!!!

  6. Pfffft! Who needs to loose weight in winter?
    On a serious note, I only heard good things about WeightWatchers.

  7. I was at Weigh Less some years ago and I really liked it. They teach you some really good habits and it really becomes a way of life. I’m thinking of going back there soon. Apparently weight watchers is also cool and allows you more flexibility in terms of counting points etc.
    Good Luck

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