Welcome to hell

I took the girls off to the homeopath today to sort out the snots.  Granted, it was just before their afternoon nap so I should have known better.  But still.

For very sick children they appeared very, well, un-sick.  We arrived and had to wait a few minutes.  They completely destroyed the waiting room and managed to unpack several puzzles, books and a box of blocks.  And they were loud, so very very loud. 

We then venture down the passage with much fanfare, past other offices, and into her office.  Of course we had to talk in shorthand as the following then happened:

Isabel pushed a chair up to the examining table and she and Mignon proceeded to climb on.  So, whilst I’m trying to explain how closed up Isabel’s chest and how terribly sick she is, she and her sister is jumping up and down performing a psyched up rendition of some unidentifiable nursery song.  They then sat still for 30 seconds each to be examined and very politely opened up their mouths.

Then came the loo run.  (Taking into consideration that I was still trying to have a conversation with the doctor).  Isabel pushed the chair up to the door, opened it and proclaimed that she needs to wee.  With Mignon hot on her heels and me in pursuit we go in search of a toilet.  With a continued rah-rah and me sshhhing.

With empty bladders and pee wiped off the toilet seat after negotiation about who gets to roll down the toilet paper, we return to the office to continue the consultation.  Mignon then decides that she needs to climb on this wonky little chair she promptly fell off.  I barely managed to catch her as Isabel was doing her best limpet impersonation at the time.

And THEN Mignon decides ‘Poefie Mamme, poefie!!” AND off we went again, action replay of fanfare and all and loud discussion about smelly poo and panties and much disagreement about who gets to roll down the toilet paper.  And inspection of Mignon’s bum.

Back we went into the office.  We collected the medicine and I couldn’t wait to leave, but eventually had to drag them out of there as they each wanted to carry a glass bottle, which Mignon promptly dropped on the floor.  So, I took the bottles, marched down the passage with my head held high, sunglasses firmly in place, followed by two little ladies yelling “Mamma, hou, Mamma hou!!’

Luckily we know our doctor quite well as I think any one else would not have let us back in.  I think they have a special note up that we can only go there at lunchtime or after hours after today.

God help us, the terrible twos are upon us.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to hell”

  1. ‘Rolls eyes’ Not enough wine in the world me thinks. If they weren’t so damn cute they’d be in trouble.

  2. Now is that the terrible twos as in age or as in twins? 😉 Hope the snots are soon sent packing by the homeopathic mooty.

  3. Oh I am so happy to read this! Not to laugh at your misery, but just to know that I’m not the only one with misbehaved children!
    Thanks for this 😀

  4. I read your post and think “dear lord! This woman must have super powers ’cause its Minki in duplicate!”.

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