Welcome to the jungle

If winter is anything like tonight was I might be committed before very long.

I don’t know if the kids OD’d on sugar at school today or what, but it was a veritable friggin zoo at Casa Roux. I’m hiding in the bathroom at the moment because I’m afraid 1) of what will remain standing when I emerge and 2) what Etienne will be drinking in this time.

I don’t plan on leaving the loo until this blogpost is done by the way, iPads for the win.

Besides the normal burp and fart jokes it was mayhem and screaming and manic laughter from the minute I walked in. Our Norma isn’t here tonight, so it’s just Etienne and I. Outnumbered by our lunatic children.

Our day didn’t start out very well, they pretty much woke up like this. Then we forgot to pack in their juice. Then Megan (Au pair) came to fetch the house key from me at work, only she couldn’t get in the gate as it was the wrong set. Which meant a mad dash home and dispensing of frenzied hugs. (Which I’m not complaining about). Then Mignon lost her ballet shoes at school.

Crazy dinner making, usual complaints about mushrooms in Mac and Cheese (yes, they are over our last bad experience) and wanting Mom’s salad instead. Then on to read time and all 3 of them, each with a brush in my hair. I’m still flinching, I might be bald in several places.

But you know what, they play together. They laugh together. They aren’t bitching and fighting and hating each other. They are literally laughing their heads off at each other. They are having the time of their lives before the cruelty of teasing and judging and pressure of school and performance kicks in. They are being children and they are doing a damn fine (if loud) job.

And this? This is apparently a train-hug.


Ps. I didn’t finish this post in the bathroom, little people were lining up outside the door for hugs and cuddles and kisses, so it’s much later now.

Edit to add: I forgot to say last night that they were also singing the praises of Perry the Platapoooeees. If you have ever spent time with anyone from Cape Town or encountered an angry Bergie this would need no clarification. If you are not familiar with the Cape vernacular, there is a very expressive, very popular naughty word which is the same word for cat in Dutch. That is all I have to say about that.

Lastly I’m adding this pic of the pics for posterity. All 3 kids in the bath on Sunday, soon they won’t fit in there and they won’t want to bath together.


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  1. Ah yes, sounds like our household on a good day. And treasure those bath moments – they are all over for us. Ours have drawn the line this year – no more seeing anyone of the opposite sex naked.

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