What is in your holiday first-aid kit?

So.  I’m on holiday from today and we are leaving on our much-anticipated and hard-saved-for holiday on Sunday.  Expect to see many random pictures of the kids on twitter and Facebook, consider yourself warned.

I blogged about my slight (cough) fascination with lists recently, and am now busy putting the final touches to my medicine list.  Now that the kids are bigger I don’t feel compelled to drag the nebuliser with us (no judgies, you try traveling with three kids!) and I’m not in the mood to drag bags of homeopathic medicine with us either, so I’m trying to put together a list of minimum medicine requirements as I’m also not in the mood to drive up and down to the shops.

I also do not have the mental capacity to deal with much more than lying on the beach staring into space, so I’m crowdsourcing the rest of my list.

Here is my list so far:

  • Deselex (for allergies)
  • Pholtex (cough suppressant)
  • ACC200 (loosens phlegm)
  • Panado (fever)
  • Sterimar Nasal Spray
  • Similasan Insect bites roll-on (love this stuff, better than anything else)
  • Valoid (don’t know why I bother, they just puke the stuff up)
  • Buscopan (see above, but hey)
  • Micropore, the brown roll (best plaster EVER.  I just bought a bigass roll for 41 SA Ront, the last one lasted 4 years)
  • Reuteri chew tablets
  • Napacods for Etienne and myself.  Just for incase we have a headache one day..


What is on your list?  What did I forget?

9 thoughts on “What is in your holiday first-aid kit?”

  1. Oy, you’re such a grownup. We NEVER have so much as a plaster in the house. Maybe headache tablets (the cheap ones) if we’re lucky. No medicine at all. When the children were little we used to have Ponstan all the time, but those days are long gone. I think we have a small mouldy first aid kit somewhere… ?

  2. Something for pain, something for fever, something for coughs, something to loosen phlegm. And a plaster or 3. Plus something for itchy skin and a bad tummy. I also add calamine lotion. Adult pain killers as well and stuff for allergies including a nasal spray. I think your list is just fine. Don’t forget sunblock and after-sun cream!

  3. Yes Bactroban or some anti-bacterial for those cuts and grazes, Anthisan for bites, maybe “brand-salf” if you’re camping. If you are close enough to a town/shop then the minimum is fine. We’re often in the middle of nowhere then I take a moerse box full of stuff “just for incase” (incl antibiotics that we always seem to need) – but I’ve learnt that no matter how much you take, you cannot cover (or be prepared) for everything that might happen…. 🙂

  4. Only thing I usually have as well are ear drops and eye drops,mine always get vrot ears on holiday.

  5. Add nurofen or stopayne for the kids . And Burngel- I go nowhere without it- great for any burn and magic for sunburn. Stingose for insect bites and blue bottles, bactroban for auchies, dettol or savlon ( nothing removes the smell of puke like them), citrisoda for upset tummies or uti, and I take valoid suppositories

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