When you love to hate Aftercare

Warning: Ranty post.

Our kids are in aftercare and I have a rather interesting relationship with them. Read: I love to hate them, for various reasons I don’t have the energy to go into right now. They are an unfortunate necessity in our lives.

I know, that sounds terribly ungrateful, but there you have it.

Today, when I collected the kids, Mignon was very upset and crying because the Aftercare lady ‘forgot’ to collect her from ballet. She did, however, not forget to collect the 9 other children that also do ballet.

I then ask the class ‘teacher’ what happened.

‘XXX did say she only came with 9 kids and she was meant to have 10, but we did explain to Isabel.’

You read that right. She said Isabel.

At this point I would like to say that I get that they are identical twins and that it can be confusing, but not knowing which child you FORGOT about is rather alarming.

I would also like to say that ‘explaining’ to a 6yo little girl why she was left behind is just not good enough. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Which is what I kept asking: Why did it happen in the first place?

It probably sounds like a huge overreaction on my part, but coupled with other things that worry me about Aftercare this kind of pushed me over the edge today.

I politely (ish) suggested that if she needs me to give her some pointers on how to tell them apart I would be happy to oblige. No, no, she says, I know exactly who is who.

And then proceeds to hug Isabel and apologise for her being left behind at ballet.

I can’t. I just can’t.

And no, I didn’t have the heart to point out her mistake.

We have spent the last almost 7 years celebrating the differences between our girls and treating each as their own person, knowing that the world will often see them as the same person because they look so much alike, but this infuriates me beyond belief. These people are responsible for taking care of our kids, the least they can do is get it right.

Ok. Rant over.

Ps. I am completely aware of the fact that my anger is partly fuelled by guilt. What. Ever.

10 thoughts on “When you love to hate Aftercare”

  1. I don’t think you’re overreacting at all. It’s very simple: you are paying to do a job. Do it properly ffs!

  2. Oh I would have been furious too! Our aftercare is great but these things did happen and although not the main reason mine are not there anymore, it certainly contributed that C missed tennis twice because he was sent too late.

    However I have no idea how you do grade 4 in aftercare. A is either doing an extra mural or studying or doing a project now every afternoon – how do they actually manage that in a noisy aftercare?

    1. I’m definitely worried about Gr 4 looming for D next year Cat, will definitely have to make another plan!

  3. Sorry to say but I don’t trust aftercare at all – too many kids and the salaries the aftercare “tannies” earn are measly so I don’t think there is any incentive to really care about the job they do.

  4. Oh my goodness! Poor Mignon. This is unacceptable. I’m so blessed to have my mother collect my kids after school and take awesome care of them. Even though I have NEVER forgotten to fetch Gemma, she still has a fear of being “forgotten”….so I completely understand how this will affect poor Mignon emotionally. Why can we not clone ourselves so that we can be in 50 places at once????? Still looking for that answer! Strongs my friend xxxx

  5. At the moment if that happened I would probably have punched her until she was able to tell me the names of every single child at aftercare but then I am not in a good space :-p

    BUT seriously – its not cool at all. The forgetting thing for me is a bigger deal than the wrong names (although that is still a BIG deal).

    Sorry my friend! Its one of those things you have to try make the best of unless there is an alternative and I hate that feeling!

    1. Agreed Laura, I was pretty close to punching her in the nose.
      I’m looking at alternatives as we speak, this is seriously the last straw for me.

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