If you have been a parent for any length of time you will be well familiar with the word WHY and the indiscriminate use thereof.

For example, I arrive home tonight with gifts for my friends Camilla and Renata.  So this conversation ensues:

  • Isabel: Why are there 2 gifts?
  • Me: Because the one gift is for Aunty Camilla and the other gift is for Aunty Renata.
  • Isabel: Why?
  • Me:  Why what?
  • Isabel: Why did you buy them gifts?
  • Me: Because they had birthdays and Mommy and Daddy couldn’t go to Aunty Camilla’s birthday because we had to go to Ouma Hanni and Oupa Duncan’s 40 th anniversary party. And Mommy is going to Aunty Renata’s party tonight.
  • Isabel: Why?
  • Me: Why what?
  • Isabel: Why did you go to their party?
  • Me: Because their hearts would have been very sore if I didn’t go.
  • Isabel: Why?
  • Me: Because I love them very much and they are my Mommy and Daddy.
  • Isabel: Mommy and Daddy.
  • Me: Yes.
  • Isabel: Why?
  • Me: Why what?
  • Isabel: Why are you going to Aunty Renata’s party?
  • Me: Because she’s my friend and she’s having a party.
  • Isabel: Why?
  • Me: Why what?
  • Isabel: Why is she having a party?
  • Me: Because it’s her birthday.
  • Isabel: Birthday!

The way I know the Why’s have come to an end if she repeats the last couple of words of my last sentence.  Then I have this feeling of Winning.  Which is usually short-lived.


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