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As a matter of principle I don’t blog about work, but the work I am doing now is so humbling that I have to share some of my thoughts.

I have had the honour of meeting a lot of people from disadvantaged backgrounds lately.

People that come from all over Cape Town and from varying degrees of challenging circumstances.

People that have used their last money to travel to our office to see us or have borrowed money for taxi-fare.

People that have been through untold horrors in their lives, some of which they share with us.

People that put on their very best clothes because they desperately need (and want!) a job.

People that often couldn’t finish school because they have had to work to support their families.

People that are incredibly bright and desperate to make a difference in life, but are limited by their circumstances.

People that have been judged and looked down upon because of where they are from.

And I think to myself:

I take SO much in my life for granted. I come home to a warm home at night. I have healthy children. I drive a car. I have access to 24/7 internet. I’m not in an abusive relationship. I finished school. I don’t live with 8 people in a small house, but a lovely big house with a garden. I get to spoon at night because I like it, not because I have to. I come home to a marvellously clean house and cooked meal every night. And I have a job and a wonderfully supportive and loving family.

So tonight, sitting in front of a lovely fire, on my couch, in front of the DSTV with my Husband snuggled right next to me I say Thank You for all I have.

That is all.


(Isabel in all her cute glory tonight)

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