All around not a fab day.

Why does it feel like the more attention Daniel gets from me the more he needs?  I’m feeling absolutely drained, he drove me a little insane today.  I feel like I’m not getting to spend any time with the girls as he is all-consuming.  Maybe just 2 weeks of holidays that’s getting to him

On a funnier note, if he could sit on my lap whilst I was in the loo he could.  Instead we had an extended conversation about what Mommy was trying to do and why it was taking so long. 

At which point he decided to flush the toilet.  Whilst I was sitting.  At least I had a nicely rinsed backside.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Ykes”

  1. Oh boy, my Mum reckons boys are more needy of attention than girls.
    The image of you having your bits washed in the winter made me fall off my chair! 😀 xx

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