You win some you lose some

The school sent us a note earlier in the week to inform us that they would have a book sale yesterday for the Grade 1’s, please could we send money. Our firstborn has a bit of a checkered history with money and the tuck shop (trust me, you don’t want to know), so I made sure to ask the teacher how much money to send. R30-R50 she SMS’s back.

So, we give the fruit of our loins, our firstborn child, R50 with strict instruction that IT IS FOR BOOKS ONLY. And to bring change.

When I walked in the door last night there was a really awkward silence and I assumed that something must have gone awry.

Our eldest child, the joy of our lives, had taken his 50 SA Ront (which isn’t worth a whole lot in Dollars these days), gone to the book sale AND DIDN’T BUY A SINGLE BOOK. He did however go to the tuck shop and spend our hard earned R50 on Dilly Dallies (sp?) at R5 a piece.

He has been banned from computers, iPad and Xbox for a whole week.

On the upside, he knew to ask for 10 Dilly Dallies with his R50 and he did share.

We are just all about silver linings.

Isabel has also been entertaining us with being able to count until 1000. By ‘a 1000’ I mean that she counts until 100 and then in 100’s until 1000. We are a little gloaty about this, she is such a clever little button.

Mignon is the writer, she’s very keen to learn letters and words and really good with knowing her alphabet. Too cool.

Isabel also writes letters, but she mainly writes popopo and then asks us to read it so they can all belly-laugh until they cry.

Very entertaining this lot. We shall keep them and treasure them.

ps.  Our resident leftie, Isabel, writes from the right to the left.  Apparently this is a thing with left-handed children when they learn to write?

4 thoughts on “You win some you lose some”

  1. They keep us entertained, hey! When Devan was given R50 for the Book Sale at school he bought one book for R25 and then gave the rest of the money to his friend because he didn’t have any money. I couldn’t be cross with him for not bringing home the change because he’d been so generous and sharing.

  2. AH yes, a certain grade 2 now only gets R10 tuck shop money – in grade 1 she used to spend very little of her R20 and then saved the rest. We thought it was a good exercise in money management. All of a sudden in grade 2 she spends the whol R20 and then not eat her lunch! Hence, only R10 now, which she spends in total believe me. SIgh! We need to re learn a lesson.

    On the upside, she did spend book money on books last year and came back with the brochure to ask for an atlas she saw that cost more – which we duly sent the money for the next day and totally love as a family.

  3. Ai shame man,money is always an issue when they get to spend it alone,Sam still battles.
    Our resident leftie also used to write from right to left and she reversed most letters and numbers up until Grade 3!

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