And moving along swiftly..

to a topic I am very passionate about: Leftovers.

I have a friend (who shall remain unnamed, the not-so-innocent must be protected!) that keeps leftovers for ages.  She claims that they can buy a cooked chicken from Woollies on a Sunday and keep it in the fridge until the Thursday and then make Chicken-a-la-King from it.  By choice. To add injury to insult they also eat leftover vegetables. (she knows that I’m writing this post by the way, it’s a bit of a dare)

In our house whatever doesn’t get finished at supper either goes in the fridge for lunch the next day, to the doggies (sniff), the domestic worker, the freezer (rice), the tortoises (salad), the compost heap or the bin.  We hardly ever leave food in the fridge, mostly because we know it will get forgotten and will come crawling out several weeks later.

So, I have cleverly created my first poll ever and would like to know if you eat leftovers.  Please humor me and vote, I have an intense need to know.  Really.

10 thoughts on “And moving along swiftly..”

  1. I love leftovers. My DH not so much. My kids don’t mind either. It usually goes for lunch the next day. Or possibly a snack the day after. After day 3, if I have no one to give it to or no other use for it (the birds only visit us occasionally for bread and rice) then I will throw it away. The trick is to cook just enough in order to avoid the possibility of having too much leftover.

    1. We also try to cook just enough, but it’s hard. Sometimes the kids will eat 1 piece of chicken and other nights 3. So what do you do? You cook 3 pieces of chicken per child. Just in case.

  2. It really depends what it is. I wouldn’t keep a green salad for example because it just becomes too verlep and awful unless it’s fresh but potato salad can happily be eaten for a few days if it’s refrigerated. I usually make enough supper for two meals to save me cooking every day and none of us mind “leftovers”. BUT if I have any doubt about dodginess it is always tossed.

  3. I don’t do leftovers – my OCD won’t allow it, but Elton and Thomas can snack for days. I sometimes eat stuff the next day but I really have to force myself and switch off the OCD.

  4. The only leftovers I eat is braai. And that can go for two days. [at a push if I must]. Past 2 days, I just can’t. Dh eats leftovers- loves them. He freezes stuff and gets it [months cough splutter] later and loves it. I can’t stand the taste of “freezer” – so don’t eat it. Raw food unfrozen then cooked is different. But cooked frozen food ALWAYS tastes icky. No matter what.

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