Beginning at the end

Hello one and all, this is my very first actual post on my all new blog!  It’s like moving into a new house and I’ll furnish it as I go along.  Expect many ramblings about family, food, wine, work and some of the deeper stuff.  You can also expect many photo’s of my beautiful, beautiful children and tales of my spectacular failures as a parent. I also speak a lot about special things and special people and like to spread the word, so watch this space.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what my first post would be about and when I was sitting in church at the funeral of a beautiful little 16 month old girl on Saturday morning I thought it fitting to write about the end at the beginning of this new venture.

When Etienne and I got married we did it on a beautiful wine farm and we didn’t want any singing at the wedding.  I feel the same about funerals.  No singing please.  And do it in beautiful surroundings.  And no big fanfare with coffins and stuff. And ABBA.  Lots of ABBA.  And wine.  If anyone feels the need to cry go right ahead, it is good for the soul, but please celebrate the fact that I was alive and managed to not piss absolutely everyone off.  OK?

Oh, and I sincerely wish I never NEVER have to bury one of my children, it must be the hardest thing anybody could possibly go through.

Right, now that we have the end out of the way, let’s get cracking on the awesome future ahead.  Crap.  I just said awesome.  I was forbidden from saying awesome at home as I say it too much.  Almost like ‘like’.  Ever catch yourself using a really annoying word repeatedly, almost like (see!!) having YMCA stuck in your head?

34 thoughts on “Beginning at the end”

  1. Congrats on your new blog T. I’m with you on the Abba!
    The ability of the human spirit to triumph over the greatest losses and soul shattering sadness, astounds me. Constantly.
    Here’s to a very happy and very healthy year.
    Merry blogging!

  2. Very nice!
    I think that starting a blog outside of the other environment was the best thing ever for me. For the moment it is all about me but I suspect that the kids are going to be included at some point.
    ps…I want people to cry buckets at my funeral. No ABBA for them. Sorry. I may compromise and make arrangements for wine beforehand.

  3. Sweetie you are …like, so awesome dude 🙂 ………..specially for you xxxx Congrats on your new blog, am there with you all the way on the funeral issue. Sorry to hear about your friends little one, no words can fix, but am sending biggest hug xxxx

  4. It’s always great to start on a fresh page 😉 Can’t wait to read more!!

    Sorry about the little girl 🙁

  5. Cheers to you and your new blog! No parent should ever have to go to their child’s funeral – too sad for words.

  6. Looking forward to this journey with you too but I don’t do RSS feeds so we need to find you a proper subscribe button so I get an email to my BB when you post.

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