For the love of books

I used to be a voracious reader. No book was too hard or too long, I gobbled them all up like cake. And chips. And chocolate.

The first book club I belonged to was back in 1996, way before book clubs were fashionable and on and off belonged to book clubs until the last one dissolved into Whine club. Not a bad deal considering I still get to see some of my favourite friends most months and we sort each other’s lives out over dinner and wine. We laugh together and cry together. We talk marriage and children, jobs and life. A big win in my book.

It did however leave me without ideas of books to read as I wasn’t forced to spend quality time in bookshops and talking to the sales people, soaking up the awesomeness of books. Not to mention that I haven’t read an actual hardcover book in more than 2 years. Kindle FTW.

Amazon can be quite daunting too. So many books, so many genres, so many conflicting reviews.

But then, recently, I joined 2 Facebook groups, this one:


And this one:


(Apologies, but I cannot embed the links on my iPad and I’m far too lazy to get up from the couch)

These 2 groups, especially The Good Book Appreciation Society, have made the world of difference. Suddenly my Amazon wish list is overflowing with honest recommendations. My kindle is overflowing with books that I’m exited to read.

I never thought I would be grateful for Facebook, but hey, there you go. Roll on the good reading times.

Where do you get your book ideas from? Do you still read as much as you used to?

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  1. I can not imagine living without books and my bookclub, exclusive’s recommend list every month and Facebook helps me choose. Thanks for the heads up on the good book appreciation society

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