Funny kids

Our kids have developed such a sense of humor, especially Mignon. She looks all innocent, but yet she is the main instigator. She’s the first one to start giggling or pulling faces, often getting her brother and sister into trouble. It took us a while to figure that one out.

Daniel gets his own back though. Tonight Mignon comes running into the kitchen and straight under my arm. ‘Daniel tricked me’ she says. ‘He said his socks smell like candy, but they don’t!’

Etienne and I really had to bite back our chuckles.

Isabel called me from my Mom’s phone yesterday just so she could burp in my ear.

Daniel has a meltdown the other night ‘my life is SO terrible!’. Fair enough, it was the same day one of birds died and some of the boys at Holiday Care broke his ball, but surely it’s a bit early for the drama? I was kind of hoping we could skip the teenage angst altogether. This does not bode well.

In the meantime, we will embrace the funny, give big hugs and try to retain our own sense of humor.

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