Goodbye Kramer

This is a blog post about our Labby we had for almost 12 years.  If you don’t enjoy soppy stop reading immediately as it could get ugly.

You still here?  Good!

Kramer was a Labby of sorts and he was the very first thing Etienne and I acquired, by default. We had just started dating in 1999 and went for drinks with my dear friend Christy.  She mentioned that this awesome dog had followed one of her staff members to work.  So, off we went the next day to have a look at this dog and fell in love on the spot and took him.  (Etienne was sharing a house with a friend at the time)

We called him Kramer because he used to slide into a room like Kramer from Seinfeld, he sure knew how to make an entrance.

He was the loveliest of lovely dogs, even though he used to fart up a storm, but he has steadily been deteriorating over the last few months.  And Etienne and I operated in denial as we knew what a visit to the vet would mean.

BUT.  I used to house-sit for my BIL and they had this cantankerous old Doberman that they just kept alive for far too long and I promised myself I would never ever do that to one of my animals.

He started losing far too much weight and hair and I just couldn’t take it anymore so my Mom and I took him to the vet today (with Etienne’s permission).  She took a good look at him and started talking about possible treatments, but mentioned that it would probably be best if we put him down.  Which we did, with much crying.  I stayed with him, but my Mom preferred to go outside.

We told Daniel that  he went to doggy heaven, and he promptly asked us if he could have another ‘Kramie’ so we said maybe, if he takes good care of Jack, the puppy we rescued in September.  So he goes up to Jack and says to him ‘Jack, Kramer has gone to the doggy place, but we’ll get another one’.  And Etienne and I were wiping tears like mad people.

There’s probably no use crying into the dishwater and poor Jack is wandering around the house looking for his friend and life will carry on, so this is my ‘moment’ and one day when my kids read this they’ll remember the great dog we had.  And our house is really empty.

Here’s a pic of Kramer and Daniel:

ps When I was walking earlier I saw a couple with exactly the same dog.  Odd.

pps Ironing is like therapy for the unemployed.  I did a LOT of ironing this afternoon.

27 thoughts on “Goodbye Kramer”

  1. O my friend. It’s so hard saying goodbye to a much loved family member [in my house, they are more than pets]. Thinking of you and Etienne now. He was a BEAUTIFUL doggy. RIP Kramer….

  2. Sorry I made you cry again. Enjoy the ice-cream. It’s going to feel empty for a while but somehow as time passes, the sadness fades and the good memories remain.

  3. Aw man. 🙁 We had to give all 3 of our dogs away just after having to put one down because we moved. It’s heart and earth shattering. xxx

  4. Oh, Tania, I’m so sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to your much loved Kramer must have been heart breaking. I had to do the same ten years ago with our beloved Nidjes. I’m such an emotional wuss I still have not felt able to get another dog all these years on. You know it was the best thing for Kramer but that doesn’t make it hurt less. At least Daniel seems to have taken it well – so sweet how he reassures Jack! Sterkte!

  5. So sorry to hear of your loss. Our animals sure creep into our hearts and it is very difficult to let go, you have done the very best thing for Kramer and he is running free again. Love and hugs. xx

  6. Having just lost our precious little Max (a rescue Maltese cross) who had been with us for 11 years, I know just how you are feeling. I miss him all the time, and at certain times it just is worse. But we can’t let them suffer because we can’t say goodbye! So we both know we did the right thing by our precious “children”.

  7. Ai man, this is one of the hardest things to do – they are so much part of the family. Our two girls are now 9 and 10 and although in excellent health, we can see that they are getting older. And I am fearing the day….

  8. Very sorry to hear about Kramer but you made me laugh. I looove the Kramer from Seinfeld and no one could enter a room like him. Love Daniel’s take on things. xxx

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