Quick pop in

I ended up not going out tonight as it took ages to get everyone settled and the kitchen sorted out.  And I made really bad pancakes for dessert in celebration of the cooler weather.  Thank goodness for the rain!

A good friend also called, so I ended up chatting to her for ages.  What a nice catch-up.  We are old friends and recently reconnected, so lots of catching up to do.  Socially it is a bit of a challenge though as they are Jewish, but luckily we stick to vegetarian mostly, so dinners are cool.

I am taking the most of day off work tomorrow to get the last of the party stuff sorted.  I am feeling really guilty about it, but lots to do, so I won’t have time to worry 🙂

And I’m going to the hairdresser for my monthly “maintenance”.  Just wish I had time and money for a pedi.  Sigh.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

7 thoughts on “Quick pop in”

  1. Good luck with the final prep! Am also dying for a nice paraffin pedi! Ahhh, to have smooth baby feet again…

  2. Sorry you missed you evening out, but at least you can make up for a bit of time to yourself today – even if it’s busy doing party prep. Hope you get a breather in somewhere!!

  3. Try to breathe when you are at the hairdresser! Good luck with your whirlwind of activities.

  4. Enjoy the hairdresser! Hope the final preparations go swimmingly. xxxx
    p.s. Do you know I have never had a pedi! Shocking hey. xxxx

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