Babyshower Bliss

I was lucky enough to crack the nod to one of my favourite people, Daniel’s teacher Kerry’s baby shower today.

When I received my invite I was a little miffed because the instruction was to only buy books as gifts. I mean, what are baby showers for if not for oohing and aahing at cute baby stuff? But, for once I behaved and did as I was told.

And what a fantastic idea! This little boy received some amazing books today, so very sweet.

Kerry will be one of those people I hope Daniel will remember as one of his favourite teachers for the rest of his life. She has been a beacon of light and support in the last 2 years. Through all the milestones of Daniel’s in this time she’s been there to explain and support and offer advice.

She has been direct when I needed a whack on the head and soft and subtle when she knew Daniel has needed it. She has been an extension of our parenting philosophy and when we have been ready to throw the towel in with bad habits/night nappies/whining/bullying she pulled us through.

She is now going off to have her own little boy and we are sad that we won’t see her every day but really happy that she is being blessed with being the Fabulous Mom she will most definitely be.

All the best Kerry, we love you to bits!!

A pic of the books:


A pic of Kerry and me: