Tralalala, let’s be festive

I’m starting to intensely dislike this whole Festive Season thing.

Over the last few years I have come to the conclusion that people do terrible things to each other at this time of year. Couples break up, people commit suicide, we hurt each other in indescribable ways.

I remember when we were not able to have children that I told Etienne one Christmas that I don’t ever actually wanted children.  If he believed me for a second and didn’t see through my Christmas angst he would have left me on the spot.

In many ways the Christmas Season brings out the worst in people and I even feel it in myself.  My normal level of worry is multiplied for some reason, I cry at the drop of a hat and I’m snapping at Etienne and the kids (more than usual at least).  I caught myself saying some horrible things about someone yesterday, uncharitable thoughts that usually I would not think to verbalise.

I don’t know whether it is to do with reluctance to change that is inevitable as we move into a new year (this definitely applies to us!), extra financial pressure during this time or the thought of spending 24/7 with someone you successfully avoid during the year, or a culmination of all of the above, but I’m asking if we could stop.

And breathe.

Take a step back and breathe.  And think.  Is this worth getting upset about?  What are my kids going to remember about Christmas this year?

Let’s be kind to one another.

Let’s endure the things that normally irritate and just suck it up.

Let’s put all our emotional shit on the shelf until next year.

Let’s think about our children first and ignore the trolls that lurk in shopping malls and in our families.

Let’s be bloody festive people.

That’s an order.

My homemade Vanilla Essence


Found this in our bed this morning when I came out of the bathroom.

4 thoughts on “Tralalala, let’s be festive”

  1. Mmmm…yes. Fake it till you make it and all that.
    Feels like I’ve been PMS’ing all month long. A few weeks ago I felt all in control – even commented on that one post of yours and after that it all went pear-shaped. Bloody murphy.
    I finally realised something today. I like Christmas as in Christmas day. I don’t like the period leading up to it. Coming to this conclusion just feels liberating and actually I’m OK with it.
    It will pass soon enough and you’ll be fine. Sterkte.

  2. Just spent a while catching up the last few posts that I’ve somehow missed over the exam period, life, work, exam angst, life, work, work work… you get the picture.  It’s so good to come up for air and catch up news.  Homemade Vanilla Essence! Impressive!
    Can’t wait for Friday… time to get our festive ball rolling xxx

  3. Caught up with all the posts at last, as Cams says, exams, school etc etc…. but you know the story!
    Thank you for sharing the lives of your family with us, it has been a privilege to read about your gorgeous children.
    Wishing you love, peace and much happiness this Christmas time and for the year ahead.
    Love and hugs from me and Jess. xx

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